The city has solidly advances carbon-carbon carbon in carbon.

The city has solidly advances carbon-carbon carbon in carbon.

The city has solidly advances carbon-carbon carbon in carbon.

According to Ye Chenyang, Ye Chenyang recently, Taizhou’s first carbon emission quota pledge loan was held in Tiantai County. The county agricultural municipality found the carbon emission quota assets of Hongshiang Group Co Ltd, the county farm business office, which is 5 million yuan, annual loan interest rate. %, Effectively converting corporate carbon emissions quota assets into green low-carbon development funds. Since this year, in order to promote carbon decoction carbon, the local legal banking agency actively innovates financial product services, vigorously cultivates green franchise agencies, and continuously enhances green credit capacity.

As of the end of the third quarter, more than 10 products were launched in all walks of life; more than 100 million yuan in green loans, the year-on-year increase, and green loans accounted for a percentage point in the beginning of the year.

"Promoting carbon-backed carbon and work is to force the resource environment constraint outstanding problem, and the inevitable choice for sustainable development is also a major opportunity to promote the speed of transformation of Taizhou.

Yang Changguo, deputy director of the Office of the Office of the City Carbon Carbon Middle and Work Leading Group.

At present, Taizhou is focused on key focus, comprehensive and accurate efforts, solid steadily promotes "double carbon" work, and unwavering the high-quality development path of ecological priority and green low carbon. Not long ago, the relevant departments of the city fully combined the eight high-energy industries and data centers such as the total energy consumption of 5,000 tons of standard coal and more than 1,000 standard coal from the year since 2018, the "two high" "Project, co-discharge has been built, planned, 76" two high "projects, and classify disposal.

At the same time, strict implementation of the industrial structure adjustment "four all" requirements, from April, the new industrial project in our city strictly implemented the access standards for the provincial industrial added value of 100,000 yuan. Since September 28th, strictly follow the orderly power execution procedures, adhere to the "three to four inconsistent", and achieve the "five guarantees" requirements.

Promote low-carbon efficient development of the industry, need to speed up the new generation of information technology strategic layouts such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, 5G, and build a new ecology of digital economic industries. At the moment, in the road and bridge, the local authorities are adhering to the digital empowerment, speed up the construction of "four driving carriages" – Taizhou industrial Internet service platform, Luqiao Industry New Zhizhi Center, "Enterprise Service Express" version, the province’s machine tool industry industry The brain, gathering "Industrial" first demonstration zone; relying on the basic advantages of regional metal resources renewable industries, accelerate construction "upgraded version" Taizhou metal resource renewal industry base, which can save energy more than 1.5 million tons of coal per year.

Taizhou light resources are abundant, and the development of roof distributed photovoltaic project is huge. At the area of ??the Town of Town, Qingguang, Qinggang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang (Zhejiang) Energy Development Co., Ltd. After the project is used, it will form a new model of "upper power generation, lower fish", realizing the annual power generation volume of about billion degrees, saving about about 10,000 tons of standard coal per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 110,000 tons. At present, the city of Yuhuan, Tiantai, Xianju, and three doors have been included in the national-level county (city, district) roof distributed photovoltaic development pilot list. In the next few years, these counties (cities) will accelerate the development and construction of local roof distributed photovoltaic projects, in the field of industrial buildings, commercial roofs, public roofs, rural residents, and coordinate new energy development applications and energy conservation and emission reduction.

Realism’s "true" and "pseudo"

Realism’s "true" and "pseudo"

In the survey, please wait.For a long time, no response, please refresh this page Author: Jiang Fei today, some writers think that as long as you write a realistic subject, you must be a genuine realistic work, it seems to be from "Mao", not far from the classics..This makes people have to ask: Is there a realistic literature?Answer: Nothing.

  In my opinion, realism is a kind of creative principle, a combination of a creative method, and a realistic subject, which is undoubtedly more than the weight and depth of realities, and the two are completed, but the work of not writing a realistic subject is realist literature.Just as Lu Xun criticized "Revolutionary Literature" when Lu Xun said: "I thought that the fundamental question is in the author, but if it is written, what is the material, that is, ‘revolutionLiterature ‘. From the fountain, it is water, which is blood from the blood vessel.

"Lu Xun’s realism is different from Mao Dun’s realism. Barzac’s realism is different from Kafka realism. It can be seen, what is the most important thing is not written, but the writer understands the reality, and how to express reality This determines the "true" and "pseudo" of realism.

  Edgar Moline and Anabrgite Kane distinguishes two different realism in the book "Earth · Motherland": one is not against reality, and adapts to it; one is to pay attention to reality, To change it.

For realistic compromises, yield, not real realism. "Pseudo-realism" is often just a low-level imitation of reality, lost the writer’s will, and lost the value of literature. "Pay attention to reality, in order to change it", I thought it was the "true realism" of our realistic subject literary creation should insist.

In the words of Roland Bart, real life has always present three faces: true, imagery and writing, novels as a special writing form, it is not "real life", Instead, "life is life."

Realism can not be used as a way to describe reality, close to true creative methods, should not only be satisfied with realistic transfusion of reality, and should not be there there there to become some vulgar, vulgar, vulgar, excuses of "realism writing" And should be an attitude and position of the world.

Literature should have a criticism and transcendence of reality, that is, real realism is to expose and criticize the darkness, but also focus on the exploration of humanity, humanity, humanity communication, to show an ideal Value and human feelings.

In other words, "realism" actually puts a very high demand for writers, requiring writers to reveal and criticize unreasonable and unfair phenomena, thus highlighting the value ruler of writers and is not judged to reality. Not staying on a simple moral level. Such writers can be called realist writers, such a literature can be called realistism, such a realistic agency literary work has a relatively high spiritual height and cultural connotation.

  In the current realistic subject character creation, there are many realist literary works.

For example, the novel "Find a happiness" in the topic of the poverty ("Qingming" ("Qingming" 2020, the third) Li Chaoyang’s heart, with the precise help of emotional people, so that Wang Songbing and Xingfu Village have got a change in the replacement of the bones, truly embarrassed the way of happiness.

The novel has passed the new and old contrast, and the new changes in the new era rural areas, especially the changes in people’s spiritual life, full of realism and optimism.

For example, the novel "Aihe Husband City" ("Guangzhou Literature" 2020, 4th), the novel is ingenious to put the story of men and women love the entanglement, laying a woman in the background of life and death, the new crown pneumonia epidemic, wrote a woman Self-lost and personality resurrection, also side performance and singing a tough behind the first-line medical staff (especially women), and the personal love hate is a big love, forgiveness and salvation.

Although there may be excessive coincidences on the setting of the plot, in general, the novel is in place on the changes in character emotional thinking and depth, which is very in place in many details, is an excellent anti-anti-realism The book of the epidemic is also a book of the soul of an immortal.

  It should be noted that the logic of literary art is not equal to the logic of real life, but this does not indicate that writers can "change" in their works, refer to deer to be horses or shake their suit.

In other words, the reality of literature is not the reality of life, nor is it a reality of one-dimensional oriental imagination. It is the realistic reality of "people-centered" and is the reality of art logic and soul logic.

  An era has a reality of an era, an era has a realism.

The reality is always flowing. Literature is always flowing. Literature will never simply imitate reality, reflect reality, but find reality, and create reality, this discovery and creation is largely reflected in writers to art form. Discover and create, and this is just ignored by the "subject determiners" of superstitious content.

Obviously, in terms of narrative effect, traditional realism has complied with the linear logic of life itself due to excessive pursuit of realistic imitation, which is too calm and rigid, lacking the joyfulness of modern people, also It is difficult to consistent with the current multi-change social life and readers’ reading psychology.

In this sense, true realism, not only presenting the critical and humanisticness of the content of the work, but also requires the form of exploratory and contribution, but cannot be so promised to stand, hug, and self-advertising is "realism The persistence of persistence.

  In short, the work of writing a reality is not necessarily a realistic literature. Realism has a true impact, hypocritical realism is obedient, blush or shadowing of material reality, is the grassland in the realist literary garden, it is Differentiate and be vigilant.

Real realism is the critique of social reality and the observation of human spiritual reality. It is humanistic care as a basic and important expression position, pays attention to reality, changing reality, and in form innovation reality, creating reality, Exhibit artistic, contemporary and overall grasp of reality. For writers, with its biased reality theme, it is better to enhance your understanding and expression of reality, because of the final analysis, the boundless is not realism, but the heart of the great writer! (Jiang Fei).

Say goodbye to the fuel truck! Hainan is ready?

Say goodbye to the fuel truck! Hainan is ready?

  At the National New Office Press Conference, Secretary of Hainan Provincial Party Committee Liu Yizui mentioned that Hainan will build "clean energy island", and will no longer sell fuel cars in 2030. Currently, what is this goal advance? What demonstrates will be played in the country? Science and Technology Daily reporter interviewed this.

  In the field, stage accelerated promotion of clean energy auto reporters learned that in March last year, Hainan Provincial Government has officially issued the "Hainan Province Clean Energy Automobile Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as "planning"). "Plan" proposed "Since 2030, Hainan is prohibited from selling fuel vehicles." As a result, Hainan Province became the first province in my country to make clean energy goals and give a timetable. "Planning" has proposed 2020, 2025, 2030, three phased goals in 2020, 2030, 2030. The public service field strives to achieve clean energy in 2020; social operations are strive to achieve clean energy in 2025; private sector vehicles are strictly controlled by increments, and the stock guidance is replaced by the main line. It strives to achieve international benchmarks in 2030.

  Wang Jing, the Hainan Provincial Department of Working, said in an interview, "Planning" proposes a segmentation field, and speed up the promotion of clean energy vehicles in the stages of the "planning" in the prospects of the clean energy automobile market. "Planning" proposes six key tasks and seven safeguard measures, from energy, environmental protection, economics, etc., in-depth analysis of Hainan’s all-domain promotion and application of clean energy vehicles, and use, improve the clean energy automotive application environment, propose Six aspects of specific measures. The reporter noted that the "plan" is also a highlight of the hydrogen energy and fuel cell-related layout. It is also a big highlight: insisting on charging, supplement, plus hydrogenation, and strives to pass 3-5 years, built Cover the province to meet the basic needs of various types of clean energy vehicles, the bronze compliant, slowly charge complementary, multi-scene combination, intelligent charging network, and aerated network. "Planning" also mentioned that accelerating the promotion of the green energy revolution, strengthens the innovation of intelligence energy technology, in the field of energy and hydrogen production, such as natural gas, photovoltaic, nuclear energy, and increases its efforts to support R & D and industrialization. In advance layout hydrogen energy industry and filling infrastructure construction, building clean low-carbon, safe and efficient modern energy systems. The national average has a national average to complete the first phase goal. The Hainan Provincial Government specializes in "Hainan Province Clean Energy Automobile Promotion 2020 Action Plan", in the construction of charging infrastructure, new energy car differentiated travel, parking management, after sale The service, power battery recycling, etc., proposed specific work initiatives and clarified the responsible unit and completion deadline. According to the regulations, Hainan Province has added a new business vehicle, and the public vehicle must purchase new energy; taxi, logistics cars, including special vehicles, special vehicles, engineering vehicles, etc. also enforce the use of new energy automotive products. The reporter learned that overall, Hainan Province new energy automobile applications are constantly improving, and the promotion situation is gradually good.

From January to May this year, the new energy auto market in Hainan Province has risen against the potential. As of the end of May, the province’s promotion application new energy vehicles increased compared with the same period last year, and the annual task promotion schedule has completed%.

Among them, individual users account for% in total promotion, and increase a percentage point compared with the same period last year.

At present, Hainan New Energy Vehicle Insurance has 3,8664, accounting for% in the number of car owners, and the average level of the country is about a percentage point.

  A few days ago, in order to speed up the cultivation of new energy vehicle consumption markets, reduce the cost of use, and many sectors of Hainan Province also issued the "Notice on Implementing the Temporary Policy of New Energy Vehicles in Hainan Province", will use hundreds of financial funds, for 2020 4 During the 30th to December 31, 2020, the car sales enterprises registered in Hainan Province purchased new energy automobile new cars, and rewards the motor vehicle owners who registered with the traffic management department of Hainan Provincial Public Security Organs, reward each car RMB 10,000. At present, the policy has been announced, and it is expected to be accepted in early June. The reporter observed that Hainan was upgraded from the self-trade area to trade port, and the reforms of new energy vehicles were committed to the development of the promotion policy. Hainan promotes the development of my country’s new energy automobile industry with practical actions, and provides "Hainan experience" for zero emission transformation in the country’s transportation field.

  It is urgent to change new energy car consumption concept according to the relevant statement of the central series of important conferences and literature, combined with the current China’s science and technology and economic social development, "new infrastructure" as an important inverse cycle regulation means, in many conferences, frequent mentioned, These include vigorously developing new energy vehicles charging piles. Li Junjun, Executive Director, Executive Director of Sanya New Energy Automobile Extension Service, said in an interview with Science and Technology Daily, a high-tech complex of new energy vehicles as a new material, computer, modern sensing, and communication integration, etc., in the country The dynamic growth point plays an important role. "New Energy Automobile Products With the development of these two years, several technologies have gradually solved in my country.

Li Junjun said.

The first is the endless mileage. At present, many manufacturers in my country have reached a limited range of 500-600 kilometers. The second is warranty. Some domestic manufacturers have launched a vehicle power transmission upgrade, power battery life warranty, etc., from the root source to solve user battery attenuation and residual anxiety, providing users with the value management and protection of vehicle full life cycle.

The last pain point is the arrangement of the charging pile network. After nearly two years of development, there are more and more public charging pile fields in Hainan, and even idle conditions.

  Li Junjun believes that the current new energy vehicle promotion is not technical, but the public’s consumption concept, but also needs to further understand the latest situation of new energy automotive technology development. "Unlike the history of gasoline vehicles, in the new energy vehicle field, my country has mastered the core technology, fully self-confidently selling new energy vehicles to developed new energy vehicles.

We have seen that Toyota Motors who have never cooperated with other enterprises have recently been working with Chinese companies to produce new energy vehicles, which is a very active signal.

Li Junjun said. (Editor: Intern, Pan Huiwen).

Shengmao Lin: Forming the development of development and accelerating the development of strong atmosphere

Shengmao Lin: Forming the development of development and accelerating the development of strong atmosphere

  On January 25th, the CPPCC Chairman Shengmao’s delegation to Xiqing District, reviewed the "Government Work Report" and reviewed the "Thirteen Five-Year Plan" and the draft target outline program.

  Shengmao said, "Government Work Report" in-depth implementation of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist thinking and the spirit of the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party, conscientiously implement the work requirements of the Municipal Party Committee, summarizing the results, the analysis of the objective and comprehensive, arranged for work ideas, An inspiring and reminded good report. The draft depicting the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and the grand blueprint of 2035, which clarified the development of the development of Tianjin. I fully agree. Sheng Maolin emphasized that the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the municipal party committee and the municipal government did not shake, and a series of major initiatives have been completed, and the decisive achievements of high quality and well-off society.

Especially in the past year, the municipal party committee and municipal government scientifically planned the prevention and control of normal epidemics and economic and social development. It must be cherished.

In accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee, take the initiative to develop, develop, and form a strong atmosphere of accelerating development.

It is necessary to improve the station, strengthen development responsibility, and grab a major historical opportunity to build a new development pattern. It is necessary to inspire the spirit, firmly develop confidence, "biting Qingshan does not relax", and persevere accelerated.

We must scientifically decisive, develop the development goals, and work hard to "jumped into the peach". To reform innovation, enhance development motivation, encourage innovation, tolerance mistake, and continue to develop new situation. To act as, implement development measures, and promote the land.

To strengthen learning, improve the development skills, learn to support the development of market methods, and promote development with commission capital and strength. To strengthen leadership, provide development and guarantee, be good at grasping development, fully mobilize the enthusiasm, creativity, and formation of accelerated development, and promote the high-quality development of Tianjin to promote the high-quality development of Tianjin. Reporter Liu Ping.

Sino-Chinked Navigation Power Battery and Energy LoGility Project Signing Floor Guangzhou Huadu

Sino-Chinked Navigation Power Battery and Energy LoGility Project Signing Floor Guangzhou Huadu

Dagelijkse productieworkshop Dongfeng. People’s Network Guangzhou 26 januari (Li Lang, Huauan) 25 januari, Guangzhou Huadu District People’s Government and China Chuangnan Air Technology Co, Ltd heeft een Investeringssamenwerking overeenkomst in Huadu District gehouden.

Volgens de overeenkomst zal Sino-Chinching een nieuw luchtbatterij en energieopslagsysteem Guangzhou Base-project in Huadu-investeringen cre?ren, met een oppervlakte van 1200 hectare, met een totale investering van 20 miljard, en de belangrijkste producten omvatten power-batterijen en energieopslagsystemen.

  De ondertekeningsactiviteit is een belangrijke maatregelen om de inzet van het Gemeentelijke Partijcommissie van Guangzhou en de gemeentelijke overheid te implementeren. Het is een grote betekenis voor Guangzhou om een ??sterke nieuwe energieauto opkomende industrie te maken en een strategie van Guangzhou Trillion Car Zhi City te bouwen. Het Is ook Guangzhou onder het rijden van dubbele koolstof, de belangrijkste demonstratieprojecten van groene ontwikkeling worden aangedreven door de nieuwe energie-automobielindustrie.

  Zhongchuang New Air Power Battery en Energy Storage System Guangzhou Basis Project wordt geregeld in het eerste grote power-batterij van Guangzhou. Het project promoot de Guangzhou Auto Industry Chain om een ??ketting, een sterke keten, voor te optimaliseren, voor De volgende stap Het nieuwe energievoertuig wordt ge?mporteerd en de transformatie van traditionele brandstofvoertuigen is versnellen en biedt belangrijke ondersteuning van 1TWH.

  Het is duidelijk dat Sino-Chinching Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. (hierna aangeduid als "China Chuang Navigation") in 2007 werd opgericht, wat een gespecialiseerde, productie-, verkoop- en markttoepassing is van lithiumbatterijen, batterijbeheersystemen en gerelateerd Integratieproducten en lithiumbatterijmaterialen. High-tech ondernemingen ontwikkeld. In november vorig jaar heeft Guangzhou Huadu District officieel investering en docking in China uitgevoerd en heeft eindelijk een samenwerkingsconsensus bereikt. De wijk Huadu heeft de enige internationale lege en ijzeren hub in Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macau. Het is de geavanceerde productie-industriebasis in Guangzhou. Het is ook de grootste internationale automobielindustrie in Zuid-China. De automobielindustrie is de eerste grote pilaarsector in Huadu. Het is een belangrijke ondersteuning voor Guangzhou om een ??biljoen voertuigindustrie-strategie te cre?ren. In 2020 was de totale uitgangswaarde van het automotive-industri?le model van de bloemen van Huadu 186 miljard, goed voor 31% van de totale outputwaarde van Guangzhou City, de productie en de omzet van 1,2 miljoen, wat de eerste outputwaarde van Guangzhou is .

Huadu Automobile Industry Base is ook ge?dentificeerd als de provinciale high-tech industri?le ontwikkelingszone, Guangzhou Huadu Economic Development Zone (Automobile) is goedgekeurd als de eerste batch van speciale industri?le parken in de provincie Guangdong, Guangzhou Huadu Auto Parts Enterprise Headquarters Collection Area werd ge?dentificeerd Een van de drie belangrijkste hoofdkantoor economische aggregatiegebieden van Guangzhou.

  In de afgelopen jaren heeft Huadu Party Committee een hoogwaardige ontwikkelingsstrategie van "Zhizhi District" opgericht, neem het initiatief om de transformatie van de auto "vier chemische" transformatie van de auto "vierweg" in het eerste belangrijke gebied van de auto van de auto van de auto "te ontmoeten Guangzhou Automobile, bleef een nieuw energienetwerk en nieuwe energie-auto-industrie-force bouwen, actief de "aangepaste investeringen" uitvoeren, versnellen de belangrijkste gebieden zoals lay-outbatterijen, motoren en elektrische controlesystemen, worstelen om een ??hoogland te bouwen van slim netwerk in Dawan District, 250 miljard bloemen, Western Intelligent New Energy Auto. (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.

Specialized integration intensive landing state-owned state-owned enterprise optimization layout path clear

Specialized integration intensive landing state-owned state-owned enterprise optimization layout path clear

China Iron Group and China Chengtong Holding Group Co., Ltd. logistics section specialized integration is approved, and the "National Team" in the field of logistics is finally available. This year is the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, the maintenance path of state-owned state-owned enterprises layout has become clear and specialized.

The State-owned Assets Supervision Committee said that the next step is to speed up the optimization and structural adjustment of state-owned economic layout, deepen the strategic restructuring and specialization of key fields.

Industry experts believe that the optimization adjustment of future state-owned departure structures has a large space, strategic resources and other key areas and restructuring integration. On the evening of November 29, China’s iron, national shares, Hua International Logistics, and Sino-Situch stock collective announcement said that the State-based Ascension Commission studied and reported to approval of the State Council and agreed to implement specialized integration of China’s Iron and China Chengtong Group logistics sector. The China Iron Group is renamed the new group after the integrated group. The new group was fulfilled by the State-owned Assets Committee of the State-owned Assets and Assessment of the State Council, and the China Materials Storage and Transportation Group Co., Ltd. held by China Chengtong Group and the company, Hong Kong China Trade and Trade International Logistics Co., Ltd., China Logistics Co., Ltd., China Packaging Co., Ltd. According to the data, China’s iron is known as the "General Logistics Department" of China Railway, Main Rail Transit Industry Comprehensive Services and Modern Logistics Comprehensive Services, involving railway oil, orbit, equipment, iron construction, industry, logistics, international and related Multi-domain.

On April 29, 2016, the State-owned Assets Supervision of China decided that China’s iron, China’s iron, was honest, and the latter was constructed from the consolidation of the original material distribution enterprises directly under the national material, and the integrated logistics service is one of its physical services. . At the same time, as the first state-owned asset management company pilot enterprise, China Chengtong has reorganized a number of central enterprises with the management of hosting and state-owned property rights, and is considered to have better business integration and strong integration capabilities. "The 19th National Congress of the Party has clearly launched the logistics infrastructure and railway, road, water transport, aviation, power grid, etc.

Through professional integration, there is a state-owned asset, travel towards specialized management, and enhance the dominance of state-owned economies in the industrial chain. "Zhou Lisa, the study of China’s Modern State-owned Enterprise Research Institute, said in an interview with the" Economic Report "reporter, the advancement of digital transformation requires the gradual standardization and integration of state-owned logistics capital. Liu Xingguo, a research firm of China Enterprise Federation, believes that the current logistics After the business is scattered, specialized, it can significantly improve assets, resource allocation efficiency, thus ultimately improve financial performance.

At the same time, it is better to make better planning technology research and development, thereby significantly enhance the technical research and development capabilities of business sectors, accelerating key technical breakthroughs in business sectors, and strengthen technical advantages in professional fields. In addition, specialization has significantly improved industry concentration, strengthens the comprehensive strength of industry leading enterprises.

Member of the Party Committee of the State Administration of State, Weng Jiesimin pointed out in the investigation of China’s iron and China sincere logistics section, China Iron and China Chengxing logistics section and other enterprises are an important force in the central logistics enterprises, and shoulder the construction of modern circulation. An important mission of the system.

It is necessary to focus on the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning vision, speed up the internal integration of integration and innovation, and establish an industrial system that is in line with its own characteristics and competitiveness; focusing on the modern enterprise system of Chinese characteristics, actively exploring the introduction of strategy, optimizing corporate governance Mechanism, for enterprise transformation and development assistance; focusing smooth and orderly working overall situation, doing steady stock, doing real increment, ensuring successful completion of the annual business goal; focusing vitality, truthfully grasping the reform, and striving to cultivate the formation of full reflection First-class enterprises with efficiency efficiency provide strong support to create a modern logistics system. The "National Team" in the field is not an example. Sinochem Group and China Chemical Consolidation, China Electroopter recombinantly China Putian, Angang Bounded steel strong joint, China Wishimi Group and State Grid Sub-enterprises Implementation … This year, state-owned capital layout has accelerated optimization, restructuring and strong promotion .

"In the reorganization mode, there is only strong combined strategic reorganization, and there is also an advantageous industrial chain integration, as well as specialized split integration of similar business. Several group of central enterprises acquired this year, specialized integration The characteristics are more prominent.

"Liu Xingguo said that the optimization adjustment of the lading structure of state-owned enterprises in the future is also very space, and the M & A restructuring will continue to deepen the advancement, and the professional integration may still be the main way of state-owned enterprise mergers and acquisitions.

Related Trends Say from a series of meetings of the State-owned Assets Supervision Commission.

The reporter learned from the State-owned Assembly, November 30 that November 27th to 29th, the State-owned Assets Supervision Party Committee held the theoretical study center group collective study and the office cadre training class. Everyone considers to focus on strong main business, strong industry, strong industry Accelerate state-owned economic layout optimization and structural adjustment, deepen strategic restructuring and professional integration of key fields, and consolidate the roots of strength. The professional and integrated specialization of state-owned enterprises in September 28th emphasized that the next step, the professional integration should play a bigger role in building a new development pattern.

It is necessary to force transverse integration to exert a resource optimization configuration effect, including the creation of advantageous enterprises into a professional integration platform; force longitudinal integration and play an industrial chain drive effect. For example, conditional advantageous companies can form a modern industrial chain "chain length" by longitudinal integration. At the central enterprise structure adjustment and restructuring of August 25, Weng Jieming said that the advanced manufacturing industry and technology innovation will be focused in the second half of the year, in the output of electricity equipment, modern logistics, strategic resources, food reserves, sea industries Equipment and other fields vigorously promote central enterprise restructuring and specializing.

In addition to central enterprises, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Assets Supervisor requires local state-owned enterprises to implement integration, eliminate disorderly competition within the region, cultivate the pillar industry that is fitted with local development positioning. The "14th Five-Year Plan" development path of "145" in many countries is getting clearer.

Recently, the Hunan Provincial State-owned Enterprise Committee issued the "National Development Plan" of Hunan Province, "Development Plan", requiring optimization of layout structure adjustment, focusing on high quality and efficiency, vigorously promoting energy, transportation, tourism, medical, environmental protection and other strategic Recombination, specialized integration.

"The Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan" of the provincial enterprises in Yunnan Province has proposed, adjust the layout structure, and accelerate the construction of industrial systems.

Promote strategic reorganization specialization.

"The" 14th Five-Year Plan "of the National People-owned Enterprise Reform and Development of Zhejiang Province also clearly expanded its new expansion.

Implement a group of open marketization restructuring, professional integration, national industrial industrial agglomeration and industry chain high-end layout efforts are further improved.

The State-owned Assets Supervision Committee emphasizes that specializing in the main line is the main line, and it is necessary to prevent blindness, focus on preventing risks, and earnestly maintain market fair competition. (Wang Wei) Editor: Zhang Jingwen.

The owner drawn rope isolates the public parking space encounters the road to discourage the death of the court.

The owner drawn rope isolates the public parking space encounters the road to discourage the death of the court.

The shop owner lanyard isolates the public parking space, and the enthusiastic passers-by before the civilization discouraged, and the owner suddenly died.

Recently, Nanyang City Wancheng District Court broke the case, the judge said, let the righteousness are no worries! Case: Nanyang City pays a shop in a first and middle school gate, many students and parents stop in shop in shop On the public parking space in front of the door, Fu Xueda believes that it affects his family’s business, and uses a rope on the tree and isolates the public parking space in front of the store.

At noon on January 5, 2021, a student drilled through the rope and parked the electric vehicle in the parking space.

After paying, I saw a dispute with the students. Li Yun, the staff of the Nanyang Municipal Administration Road Parking Supervision Center, just passing by professional habits and personal enthusiasm, first inquiry and deduct it. FEO Fan Fan also persuaded, Li Mou turned, Fan turned to find that the husband fell to the ground, and quickly dial 120 and 110. Fu was sent to the doctor and rescued invalid death. The next day, the police inquire about Li Yun asked, and Li Yun learned to die.

Fan was inquiring the transcript of his husband to pay for a birthplace, but it has been very stable in recent years.

After the incident, Fu family will vote from Li Yun to the court, and ask Li Yun’s compensation fee and death compensation, etc.

The judgment: After the court’s trial, Li Yun as a staff member of the municipal management office, inquiring and persuade the behavior of a must not exceed the necessary limit, belonging to the guidance of the public interest, it should be supported and encouraged. Inquiring the behavior itself does not cause a death, and paying itself suffering from congenital hypertension, in the absence of self-emotion, sudden death is unfortunately dying, there is no legal relationship between the two Causal relationship. Secondly, Li Yun did not know paying for payment, and did not know the parking student. It could not know that paying a history of hypertension, there is no harm, and Li Yun is not aware of the accident and falls. Inverted, there is no delay in the loss of treatment. Therefore, Li Yun has no foreseeable death, there is no obnence or slack, and there is no fault. The police asked the transcript display, and the two sides were recognized without limb conflicts, and the communication is sent to the emotional excitement.

The evidence provided by the plaintiff is consistent with the transcript statement, further confirming that the payment of Li Yunyun will fall. Therefore, the police’s inquiry transcript should be the basic basis for the facts of the case.

In summary, the court decision, dismissed the plaintiff’s claim, and the case acceptance fee was burdened by the plaintiff. At present, the two sides of the case have not appealed and the judgment has taken effect. Judge: The case of the case, the civil trial of the civil trial of the Wancheng District, Liu Linyu, said that the accident died in this case is reliable, but according to this judgment, Li Yun is responsible, it is not conducive to the development of judicial referee in social management. The standard, evaluation, education and leading function will reduce legal credibility.

Li Yun’s discourse is legitimate. It is a consciously safeguarding social public order and public interest, and practices the positive performance of socialist spiritual civilization. It is also the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. It should be encouraged and advocated. Have worry. Representative Review: The Provincial People’s Congress represents Ding Ximei praise the case’s referee. He said that if Li Mou is responsible for the death of the death, it will ban the enthusiasm of the public to maintain public interests according to law, and our society advocated The core value of theoretics is in turn. At the same time as the court referee, the court must be a strong backing of the legitimate rights and interests, especially the public interest, and the responsibility of leading the people’s value and promoting social energy, the referee of this case fully reflects this.

(Reporter Zhou Qingsha).

This time, Zhoushan shows "Zhejiang Temperature"

This time, Zhoushan shows "Zhejiang Temperature"

  Let us review the beginning and end of what happened. At 21:15 on August 3, Zhoushan City, Zhoushan, Zhoushan, Zhoushan, was reported to Panamani "Hongjin" round, and nine crew fever asked the ship. On August 6, Zhoushan City received a letter from the shipowner, and the Zhoushan Municipal Government asked to save help. It is preliminary understanding that 20 crew members are in the boat.

On July 2, 14th, Stop Indonesia, 26 July – 30th, stopped from the Philippines, starting from the Philippines on July 30, several turning, staying in Zhoushan Sea. Zhoushan Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government conducted an urgent deployment. At 13 pm on August 8, Zhoushan was established to take the deputy mayor for the team leader, and set up a crew transport group, medical treatment group, isolation management group and information promotion group, each Special groups immediately developed a sick crew transport, sea related work, transport tractor epidemic prevention, treatment and hospital prevention and control, etc., clear responsible personnel, control and prevention and control requirements. On the day of August 8th, Zhoushan designated shipping company to complete the "Hongjin" wheel into the port, implement the specified tug, designated anchorage, specify the terminal, specify the line.

The fixed-point medical institution quickly forms a team of work and medical treatment. The first medical treatment personnel include 6 medical treatment, 7 medical technicians, 16 nursing staff, 2 hospital supervisors, 2 cleansing people, Comprehensive Inspection Prevention and control, complete the isolation region, facilities and equipment inspection, drug item arrangement, etc.

  At 1:20 in the morning of August 9, the "Hongjin" rolled into the designated stop of the sea.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, the "Hongjin" round of Zhoushan City Customs, Medical, and Disease Control is carried out to sampling and health quarantine; 21:30 in the evening, "Hongjin" round crew nucleic acid detection sample is from Zhoushan CDC, Zhoushan Customs "Double Shuang Double Inspection", 16 crew nucleic acid positive.

After the test results come out, the relevant rescue is quickly launched. At 10:39, the rescue tugnel arrived in the "Hongjin" wheel mooring waters, and accepted the sick crew. At the same time, four ambulance waited at the designated terminal. In the early morning of August 10, the Zhoushan arranged a heavier positive crew to transfer the fixed-point medical institution for further diagnosis and treatment, and the other 9 crew continue in the ship, and the crew management company will continue to change the ship.

  An anonymous person revealed that in order to this admission, Zhoushan City took on huge pressure. In the end, the city’s main leadership board, next, Zhoushan quickly acts quickly, after the careful preparation work, the patient admitted to hospital.

  The Zhoushan sea area is more than 10,000 square kilometers, and many international waterways are passed through more than 20 Zhoushan waters. There are more than 400 ships in private ships, more than 300 ships in Hong Kong, and nearly 7,000 crews are the national sea epidemic. One of the regions of the region with the greatest prevention and control, the most important task. This sea transshipment crew, Zhoushan adopts special ship delivery, car transfer: Hong Kong Airlines department designated special tug, used in the designated area for the sick crew transfer, the Weijian department arranged a negative pressure ambulance to conduct a sick crew transfer; Participate in 230 The remaining staff will be made according to the requirements of the requirements, adopt fixed-point centralized residence, implement the work location and the rest place point to the point closed loop transfer, and regularly conduct nucleic acid testing, Zhoushan relevant person in charge said, resolutely hold "no hospital infection" "" The bottom line of the local case "related to this epidemic.

  On August 10th, the "Hongjin" crew was brushed in the news of Zhoushan rescue, and the netizens who were concerned about progress were very moved, and they praised Zhou Mountain.

In front of the epidemic, abandon the "Sweeping the Front of the Door", the Zhoushan, which actively faced the virus, reflects the temperature of "life-up".

  More netizens believe that this time is Zhoushan, but there is a national "ceremonious zebra crossing" such as "courteous zebra crossing", it will not be disappointing.

There is a comment saying this: "Zhejiang is not just a common prosperity, more common cure!".

Steam open public security bureau held a return conference

Steam open public security bureau held a return conference

This newspaper (Reporter Yang Honglun Zhang Xindowo correspondent Wang Haoyang) 2nd, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the municipal public security bureau, held a return conference, returned to the masses, including BMW, transformers, auto parts, smart phones, etc.Won the position of the owner.Recently, the municipal public security bureau is fully utilized to give full play to the role of the sharp knife in accordance with the deployment requirements of the superior public security organs on the "Ping An Promotion of the Food and Promoting the Development and Protection of Ping An" to ensure the healthy development of the people’s homes and enterprises in the jurisdiction.Coordinate linkage, multi-purpose synchronization case, launching a rare offensive to multi-haired, Fengmang sexual invasion of money.As of the end of May, the municipal public security bureau has a total of more than 100 criminal cases, 37 criminal processes, captured 5 people who escaped suspects, and collecting the boom money than 20 million yuan.

The first Guangzhou CIM Forum and the 4th Guangzhou BIM Forum were held

The first Guangzhou CIM Forum and the 4th Guangzhou BIM Forum were held

  On July 27th, the first Guangzhou CIM Forum and the 4th Guangzhou BIM Forum of Guangzhou CIM Forum and the 4th Guangzhou BIM Forum were held in Guangzhou. (CIM means urban information model, BIM refers to building information model) Guangzhou City Information Model (CIM) Joint Meeting Member, Guangzhou City, District Holds Institute of Construction Department, and research institutions, development, design, construction, supervision, Engineering technology and management personnel in consultation, construction drawings and other units participate in the forum. The conference site. At Xinhua Network, Guangdong Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, member, chief engineer Chen Tianyi, deputy director of Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development, delivered a speech, deputy director of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Information Center, Housing and Construction Department City medical examination expert Chen Shunqing, Committee, Chen Shunqing, Chief Expert of China Construction Group Co., Ltd. Li Yungui three experts as the subject report. The General Assembly released the Guangzhou CIM platform.

It is understood that the platform is leading the design, construction, completion of BIM-related standards, built a unified scene and platform for linkage work construction reform and smart city construction, based on GIS, government information, Internet of Things data, three-dimensional model, BIM model, etc. The aggregation of source data is interoperable, forming a smart data asset of multi-application. The core application of the platform has three-dimensional model and information complete integration, visual analysis, simulation simulation, AI auxiliary review, etc., which is conducive to improving the refined management level of smart cities and construction projects.

  It is reported that Guangzhou will conduct a pilot work of the CIM platform project in the new city construction demonstration and intelligent construction industrial park project in Pazhou, design capital, and continuously strengthen the support capabilities of the CIM base platform, improve the information resource sharing system, and Can build a new city.

  At the meeting, Ding Li, Director of the Science and Technology Design Department of Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, announced the first batch of BIM forwarding design demonstration project review results. The first group of 14 items selected for the 7 units were BIM forward to design demonstration projects. Subsequent, the Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau will carry out the second batch of BIM positive design demonstration project selection.

  The relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau said that the General Assembly opened new ideas for the new infrastructure and new city of Guangzhou City, will further promote new technologies such as BIM and CIM and new city construction projects to invest new kinetic energy for urban development. Inspire digital new infrastructure development enthusiasm, cultivate incubation of smart ecological industries, and promote the high quality development of Guangzhou, realize the "old city new vitality".