BRIC National Media Online Training Course

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing December 10 (Reporter Zheng Mingda, Cheng Xin) BRICS National Media Online Training Course is held on the evening of the 10th, and the lecturer 上海嘉定喝茶 representatives and students from the BRIC will attend.

  In the Executive Chair of the BRIC National Media High-end Forum, He Ping, Xinhua News Agency, was expressed in the opening office, and held a brick national media online training course. It is the Chinese President Xi Jinping in September this year. The initiatives presenting during the three meetings reflect the common wishes of the gold brick national media, which in promoting the exchange of BRIC countries, and then promoting the cooperation of BRIC countries to go far, and is of great significance.

  He Ping said that this training can help you deepen communication, enhance 上海龙凤交友千花each other, and better show the achievements of BRIC countries, promote the exchange of bricks, and continuously strengthen the "Gold Tile Sound" in the International Public Opform. Carry forward the common value of all human beings and promote the construction of human fate communities to make new contributions.

  BRICHD National Media High-end Forum Secretary Brazil Financial Information Group, Russian Satellite News Agency, Hindu Branch Group and South African Independent Media Group, the main person in charge of the South Africa congratulates the training class in the video speech, indicating that this pragmatic cooperation project will be beneficial Improve the professional level of the top five media practitioners, promote the exchange of three Chinese media exchanges and develop together.

 上海喝茶交流群  It is understood that this training course will combine the topic of five media concerns, with both macro topics such as Jiaojin brick cooperation, covering the topic of the topic planning, digital news, video reports, by well-known expert scholars and five media senior people Teach.

  The BRICS National Media High-end Forum was founded in 2015, from Xinhua News Agency, and the mainstream media in five countries. This training course was jointly organized by members of the Forum, and 25 students from five countries will participate in three months training. Responsible Editor: Zhang Shuang.


Hainan revised motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention regulations

Original title: Our province’s revised motor vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and control regulations will be implemented in March next year, how to draw low emissions and zero emissions area motor vehicles "black tail"? Recently, the Hainan Daily reporter learned from the Provincial Ecological Environment that the revised "Regulations on the Prevention and Control of Hainan Province" (hereinafter referred to as "provisions") will be implemented on March 1, 2022, aimed to focus reduction Emission from the train exhaust gas. This time, the "provisions" are fully revised, coordinate "oil, road, car" high-quality development and high standard governance, establish and improve the supervision mechanism for the control of motor vehicle exhaust pollution, 上海油压419论坛 in order to effectively reduce motor vehicle exhaust pollutants Emissions, improve and enhance our province’s environmental air quality to provide important rule of law.

Among them, in terms of prevention and control, the "provisions" propose a provision of low emissions and zero emission regions, and clarify the quality of product quality and gasoline vapor pressure indicators such as fuel.

Since our province has high temperature, strict control of vehicle gasoline vapor pressure can reduce volatile organic discharge.

In the strengthening of car supervision, "provisions" requirements, motor vehicle owners or use people to ensure normal use of equipment and devices such as motor vehicle loading pollution control devices, in-vehicle emissions diagnostic systems.

长宁区419娱乐会所 In response to the management requirements of key use vehicles, "provisions" propose the control of the automotive exhaust pollution prevention and control of key use vehicles such as urban bus, road transport, taxi, port, and corresponding legal responsibility.

In addition, the discharge test is not qualified or emissively discharged from a motor vehicle on which obvious contaminants. In further standardization of emission inspection and maintenance, according to the "provisions", it will extend the non-operating small microbioped car environmental inspection-free age limit, and clarify the discharge inspection agency and the discharge of pollution maintenance management enterprises to conduct inspection, maintenance activities, and corresponding legal responsibilities.

The "provisions" 上海干磨工作室群 also put forward, to realize the interconnection of motor vehicle environmental protection inspection systems and automotive maintenance systems, data sharing, forming closed-loop management, and improve governance levels. (Reporter Zhou Xiao Meng intern Dong Yuting).


Beijing Tongzhou District 13 topics activities showsted rural culture

Original title: 13 topic activities showsted rural cultures (Reporter Li Zewei) "In 2021, Fengzhou District Farmers’ Art 上海sh419 Festival, Farmers Harvest Festival" held an opening ceremony at Hunzhuang Village, Tongzhou District, Tongzhou District yesterday.

According to reports, the "two" activities will hold three series of 13 topics activities, multi-perspective shows new farmers’ times and the vast vitality of rural culture. In the opening ceremony, there are eight groups of exciting literary performances, 上海干磨水磨服务 namely: big drum "Shengshi drum rhyme", sand painting and calligraphy works on-site creation, classical instruments, four "jasmine", fan dance "Swing", original poem Reciting the "Harvest Symphony", red song big chase, Beijing opera selection, song and dance "singing a song to the party". Through the above various artistic forms, Tongzhou local 上海品茶资源群 characteristics culture, including the epidemic, in the flood, the true feelings and movement on the Olympic Games, praised the beautiful prospects of the new era country development. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.


Hainan typhoon four-level warning is improved to the typhoon three-level warning

Hainan Provincial Meteorological Bureau, on October 08, 202, raised the typhoon four-level warning for typhoon three-level warning: The tropical low pressure in the South China Sea has strengthened the "Lion Mountain" (Tropical Storm "(Tropical Storm) on the 17th Typhoon of this year (Tropical Storm) on the 8th.Level), where the center is 上海龙凤桑拿419论坛 located in the north latitude, the east, is on the sea from the north of the south of Wanning City, the largest wind is 8 (18 m / s) near the center, the center minimum air pressure is 995 Bapa..

It is expected that "Lion Mountain" will move to the North Xidu at a speed of about 10 kilometers per hour, and the strength is 上海水磨会所实体店 slowly strengthened, and will land on the eastern part of Hainan Island from the morning of the 9th, and will turn to the opposite direction after landing.Move, after crossing Hainan Island, tend to North Vietnam.

Affected by it, on the 8th to the 9th, Hainan Province will have a strong wind and rain.(Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu) 上海快餐微女微信号 Sharing let more people see client downloads.


Hangzhou Aid Jiang Teacher: Let the Chinese Nations Community awareness into the Teaching

Boarding to change the education concept High-school physics teacher Zhang Shilong said that the test paper has a good job from the Winter Olympics, the Asian Games perspective, reflects the awareness of the propositions to human survival 上海千花交友网 and health; from Mars travel, Incense student exploration Spirit; from spectacular Qiantang tide and spit and high-speed settles, ignite students’ pride.

This test, contact with the actual situation, mostly from history, technology and future hotspots, not only to improve students’ interest and ability to solve physical problems in the actual situation, but also let students understand the long history of the Chinese nation in physical problems History, technology development and futuristic, enhance students’ sense of Chinese national community. From the tenth batch of Hangzhou Aid Teachers to enter Aksu City, the senior middle schools, they have been committed to moral education in all aspects of the discipline teaching, publicize the students’ awareness of the Chinese nation.

As early as June this year,黄浦区419娱乐会所 in the "Department of Delivery Department of Germany, Li Ming, the teacher Li Ming, took a fun and vivid" mechanical string "of all the listening teachers.

Physics is scientific, seeking truth, pragmatic, learning physics is to learn, develop the science and technology of the motherland on the basis of solving the real problem, and realize the great revival of the Chinese nation.

After half a year of unremitting research and guidance, Hang A high school physically blue studio took the leader Lei Ling Li Shu in touch with: "Under the common guidance of Master and other aid teachers, the style of our lecture has a great change Theoretical is teaching, the practice is much applied, the virtual abstraction is less, the life is more, the knowledge is infused, and the moral education is much more, and the teachers are more and more concerned about how to make people, how to make people Your own student has more and more awareness of the Chinese nation, and the future will serve after the motherland.

"Hangzhou resisted, the teacher, innovative, the best of the promotion of the activities, combined the Xinjiang college entrance examination and promoting students’ scientific literacy with home country, helping more and more Aksu City teachers, establishing the steering from" discipline teaching " The new concept of "learning people".

Hang Pai’s beautiful education attaches great importance to humanities and science, so that the Chinese national community awareness is fully rooted into physics teaching, guiding students to establish an ideal and national rejuvenation of science and technology.

Under the guidance of a new educational concept, the future of South Xinjiang will open a good flower.

(州 疆) (Editor: Li Long, Han Ting).


Guizhou Songtao Panshi Town: six of initiatives to boost rural revitalization

In recent years, Panshi Town, Panshi Town, Song Tao Miao Autonomous County has developed "eight elements" in the development of "eight elements", which has been promoted to "Village Society", innovation "organizational joint construction, joint, development linkage, work association, risk conference, results "" six-linking "mechanisms to effectively crack the village collective economy is weak, uneven development, benefits and other obvious problems, to achieve the town 20 village collective economic annual income reached 10 million yuan, has laid a solid foundation for the revitalization of rural . According to "branch + cooperative + farmer" approach, led by the village party branch office of farmer cooperatives, village Party branch secretary of the village committee director, respectively, as the village collective co-chairman, president through legal procedures, the establishment of village "two committees "members of responsibility, to promote the village" two committees "members of the two-way access, cross-representation, to build party organizations, village cooperatives" troika a rope, "the" village level one "organizational structure.

The town party committee is planned, and the various villages’ professional cooperatives are registered to establish a town-level professional cooperative department, from the secretary of the party branch, the director of the village branch, the president, the president, the President of the President, and the veteran , College students, village representatives, etc. enter the board. The cooperative department is responsible for the resource, funds, manpower and other resources of various village cooperatives. Due to the production, due to the production, due to the production of the whole town industry development project, breaking the administrative district limitations and industry barriers, forming the leaders of the party committee, village alliance, and Holding a group development pattern. At present, Panshi Town established 20 village professional cooperatives, 1 town-level professional cooperation.

In the county’s internal and external market demand, the overall layout of the county industry development is based on the overall layout of county-level industries, leading funds invested, and various village cooperatives, loan funds, and loan funds are integrated into the form of shares in the village cooperation. It can develop resources such as cultivated land, forest land, and integrate existing county-level industrial poverty alleviation projects and town-level industrial poverty alleviation projects. The overall layout of the industrial development of "one tea, two livestock, four dams, n characteristics" is formed, and the scientific precision development blueprints are drawn to the industrial development of the town. Since 2016, the county-level dial industry poverty alleviation funds 24.54 million yuan, the whole town self-raised funds 2.2.56 million yuan, flowing through the forest land 10,500 mu, the implementation of 45 industrial poverty alleviation projects, planning to implement oil tea, 300,000 meat chicken Yu and live pigs are supported by 20,000 heads, 4 500 acres of Water Tongmu plantation district, farmhouse, resort and other specialty rural industries. Celebled by county-level support, town party committee, and clear the responsibilities of cooperation, village professional cooperatives, leading enterprises, farmers, etc. The leading enterprise is responsible for the technical services and product underwriting of the industry, and farmers are responsible for specific industries, forming project planning, implementation, management, service responsibility chain closed loops. At the same time, according to the specific implementation of industrial project demand, implementing a variety of model development industries such as Liancun implementation, "Flying Mode" implementation, is flexible by the town-level cooperation, the town agricultural technology experts, village cadres, and rural areas. Seasonal labor, cross-state cross-domain participation in industrial project implementation, and promote rapid coordinated development of various industries.

At present, there are 29 industries such as live pigs, and there are 3 "Flying Mode" industries, and 321 people in the "Flying Mode" industry. According to the requirements of village-level management and cooperative, the "Village Cadre Dare Responsibilities" system "Cooperative Society Responsibilities" is formulated, according to the double identity and dual responsibility of the village cadres, the town party committee and cooperation, the cooperation department, and the village cadres salary The red gold and assessment results directly linked to the village of low-yield or profit and loss due to work, and the management of low-yield or profit and loss. The relevant village cadres have been canceled, and the village party branch is evaluated for the evaluation, and forced to start business. In the village, establish a party member pioneer team, set up a post, organize labor, and mediate the disputes, and let the party members choose post according to the voluntary protection and publicity of the principle, strict performances, and give full play to the exemplary role of party members. There are 20 existing party members’ pioneers and 5 jobs.

The volume of the village collective economic resources is shared, and the village group accounts 上海嘉定kb油压 for 50%, the village cadres, the leadership, and the farmers are involved in the management of the village collective economic development, forming the "Interest Community" and effectively cracking the village Cadres don’t dare to lead, villagers don’t dare to participate. At the same time, in Panshi Village as a pilot, innovation and establishment of the "risk guarantee" mechanism, by the leading company guarantee, the village cadres deposits to bank loans, loan income, whether the profit loss is not available, such as village cadres Non-deployment reasons to exit cooperatives, will deduct "risk guarantee gold" according to a certain proportion, as a village collective economic development fund, and the industrial development responsibility is tightened to the shoulders of village cadres.

上海按摩微信群 Currently, there have been a "risk guarantee gold" for $ 1.6 million.

Through the "Village Society", explore sustainable development dividend mode, after deducting shareholders, the remaining profits is divided by the "532" (50% rolling development funds, 30% poverty house red, 20% office and public welfare fund) mode dividends. Improve benefits. According to the needs of industrial development, the cooperatives are organized to organize various villages to work to industrial base, and promote the income income of the masses. Adhere to the rich production as the people, according to a 3,000 yuan, two of the 2,500 yuan, higher vocational 800 yuan, high school, junior high school 800 yuan standard, annually from the village collective economy as a student reward, guide the villagers to pay attention to education, realize Economic Development and Education Improve Double Promotion.

At the same time, adopting the year-end dividend way for the people to pay medical insurance and pension insurance, and give full play to the public welfare role of the village collective economy, enhance the cohesiveness and prestige of rural grassroots organizations.

(Hu Wei) (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.


District (middle) direct organs stationed in villages: "Source Live Water" Note to develop power

  It is also a year autumn season, and the golden peaks are beautiful.

More than two months ago, I entered Ji Rong Village, Zhaqigang Township, Lahu County, Shigati, is a 爱上海419论坛贵族宝贝 harvest scene.

  The villagers have expected the full of granules, and they are investigated this year’s harvest, which is more and more popular.

"According to the harvest of last year, stay in the family’s rations and next year, you can sell a lot of money." There is less food in the family.

  When the people live in the group, they condensed a batch of efforts and sweat in a batch of resident tours. "In the past, although I didn’t eat it, I have to get rich, I have to miss other ways." Once the reporter told reporters, the District Science and Technology Department was in the village, and most of them were in the village. Half of farm, self-sufficient life.

  Agricultural rural farmers’ issues are the fundamental issues of relations with people’s livelihood.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the implementation of rural resolution strategies as a new era of "three rural" work, promoting high quality, rural shoulder, rural shoulder, farmers rich.

  "People take food as the sky", develop food production, and realize food production, which is an important way to increase farmers’ income. The District Science and Technology Department is in the Ji Rong Village Tourism Team to introduce the Qingxi-Tibetan "Tibetan 2000" and "Tibetan Green 17", and implement the agricultural planting science and technology project. It achieved the production of green japans from 450 pounds to 530 pounds, increasing production, and gain production 173040 catties, increasing 432,600 yuan.

Synchronous promotion forage, rape, potatoes, radish various vegetable planting projects, supply quality forage, improve planting benefits, improved food structure, and benefit more than 370 people. The production and breeding promotion of various livestock and poultry is the basis of animal husbandry economic development. It is also an effective way to transform the transformation of animal husbandry. It directly affects the level of animal husbandry. Based on the actual demand for cattle and sheep and livestock products, the Village Task Force is supported by science and technology, implemented the "cattle and sheep breeding improvement" project, enhances the number and quality of livestock products such as meat milk; Tibetan Breeding Techniques Techniques, Tibetan Breeding, and Promoting the Standardization of Tibetan Breeding Cooperatives in Ji Rong Village, enhances its economic benefits and risk-risk.

  Another work is effective, so that the lives of the villagers in Ji Rong Village have a significant change – the yield of the Qing Dynasty in the family has a surplus, and the cattle and sheep has achieved self-sufficient, and the Tibetan chicken in the village is red. Added income.

  "For Zhazigang Township, the changes in the village Tourism team are not only the improvement of living standards, but also the transformation of ideas.

"Wang Dongjun, the township of Zaqigang Township, said," They launched the ‘three districts’ scientific talent training work within the township, inviting 闵行会所油压发廊 the agriculture and animal husbandry experts from the Autonomous Region Agricultural Sciences, and the yellow cattle breeding, Qingyi varieties, etc. Conduct science propaganda, practical technical training, solve the practical problems in the production of agriculture and animal husbandry, and guide the masses of the country to pursue scientific and civilized production and lifestyle, providing talent support for promoting rural revitalization.

"(Editor: Once you have Zhao Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Share more people to see.


Be brave: Life first "defense" word is the first aftest of natural avoidance to ensure the implementation of flood relief responsibility measures to "last kilometers"

In August, the average precipitation in the Han River Basin has the highest in the same period. According to meteorological forecast, there will be continuous rainfall in the next week, and the water level in the middle and downstream of the Hanjiang River may further rise, and the flood control situation is grim. On the morning of August 31, the Provincial Party Party Secretary and the Provincial Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters should be held in the provincial water conservancy hall to hold a video conference, and the conference will dispatch to do a good job in Hanjiang Qiufang. It should be invincibrated, to deepen General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on disaster prevention and disaster relief, adhere to the people’s first, life first, strengthen the extreme thinking, extreme value, strengthen early warning forecast, risking insurance, do a good job in engineering scheduling, avoid Insurance shift, ensuring that the control of flood relief responsibility measures have been implemented to the "last kilometer", implement the position to the head, and do their utmost to protect the lives and property of the people.

Wang Zhonglin, deputy secretary, governor and provincial flood control and drought-to-demand headquarters, attended and speaking.

At the meeting, the Provincial Meteorological Bureau, the Provincial Water Resources Department reported that the water-saving situation and post-weather trend in the Han River basin since the encyclopedia, the current water sentiment, and the Water Conservancy Committee notified the deployment of the defense of Hanjiang Qiufang. Provincial leaders and Jingmen, Tianmen, Qianjiang, Xiantao, Xiaogan, Shiyan, Xiangyang, Wuhan, etc. are mainly responsible for comrades video connection, listen to flood control work, analyze and study Han River Qiufang Situation, further compaction, strengthen flood control measure.

Be brave pointed out that flood control has always been a matter of Hubei, and the big matter must be implemented in the sense of responsibility. It should always be the first to protect the lives and property of the people in the first place, based on the anti-dragonfly, anti-flood, grab the dangers, save the disasters, continue to be highly vigilant, with a high responsible attitude, more powerful measures, more pragmatism The style of style, grasp all the measures to prevent flood control and disaster relief to ensure the Jianghe Lake Kur’an. "To fear life, fear nature, and fear responsibility."

"Be brave emphasizes that in the face of extreme weather frequently, we must deeply learn lessons, strengthen the bottom line thinking, risk awareness, Ning Xing teacher, nine empty, not unable to prevent paralysis, luck, luck The mentality, resolutely overcoming empiricism, putting problems, hidden dangers, risk thinking more, preparing for the plan, doing preventive measures, especially details, doing more carefully, doing it in the rain, preparation, no suffering, not only to prevent The preparation of big and 上海闵行水磨24小时 anti-potential disaster, but also strictly prevent small insurance challenges. To adhere to the word "defense" first, avoid dancing is to, put "anti-" work in place, strengthen the value of the class, improve heavy rain, mountain flood , Mudslide, mountain landslide, etc., and timely organize the risk of risk.

Strengthen flood control dispatch, coordinate upstream, and scientific scheduling in the left and right shore, give full play to the control reservoir, the dam of the dam, the peak of the peak. It is necessary to prepare for the emergency week, not only for the defense, and focus on saving, doing good materials, strength, and rapidly launch the plan, quickly linkage. It should be brave emphasized that the responsibility of flood prevention is more important than Taishan, and it is not necessary 上海品茶平台 to have a half-formatic bureaucracy.

All levels of defense should strengthen coordination, supervision and inspection, and promote the implementation of responsibility, and the implementation of measures. Along the Hanjiang River should take flood prevention work as the top priority, serious discipline, first-class level, and resolutely be responsible for defending the earth.

It is necessary to coordinate flood relief, normalized epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development. Wang Zhonglin demanded that it is necessary to pay high attention to the ideological, and the situation is estimated more serious, and the preparation work is more fully, and it is resolutely prevents paralysis, luck, and experience the empirical mistakes.

To increase the risk of investment, the 上海最新品茶 strength, compaction responsibility, and strictly investigate the rules of the rules, rectify risk hidden dangers, and ensure that they are not left. It is necessary to strengthen forecasting warning, increase the monitoring of the rainfall of the rainfish, and promptly release early warning information, and guide the prevention of the prevention. It is necessary to strengthen the preparation of rescue disaster relief, including emergency personnel materials, strengthen the province, and the people’s management, and guide the masses reasonably.

To strengthen organizational leadership, conscientiously implement the value of the value-based and information transmission system, and increase the inspection and supervision, ensure that the various work of flood control disaster relief is implemented, and the Hanjiang is safe. Provincial Leaders Li Le Cheng, Ke Jun, Ma Xunming, Mun Wen Wenhui, commander Hubei Province, Huang Wenhui, Wuhan Mayor’s Wenchang.

(Li Baolin, Wang Wei) (Editor: Zhou Wei, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see client downloads.