Series Radio Drama No. 185: Here, there is a very simple matter here.

Series Radio Drama No. 185: Here, there is a very simple matter here.

Watch the white water, sail. Flat waves are not moving, and it is full of green.

  Hello everyone, welcome to listen to the series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story" No. 185. Baiyangdian’s legend and a lot of stories, today we will say that Baiyang is a fishing. Do you know? Baiyangdian "Ocean", the earliest is the word "sheep" in the goat. This waters are divided by reeds and islands into many water parks, with a larger one, the water is huge, the wind is flushed, like a group of Running white sheep, the local people are called "white sheep". At the Ming Dynasty, Baiyangdian "Wang Yang is vast, and the horizon".

So, the word "sheep" is replaced by the "foreign" of the Wangyang Dahai. Baiyangdian is a tourist attraction. Here, there is a longitude, and the water is full of water, which has created a small environment suitable for various fish survival. The fish in the depth is quite a lot, such as squid, black fish, squid, grassfish and knife fish.

They have habits, and the people said: "Cucumber fish is slippery, the muddy is sinking, the squid will jump, the squid meet. Sweet Fish, the knife fish bow, squid twisted Yang Yang, squid does not love." Occasionally, fishing is a good choice when you can’t take a boat to catch. Speaking of fishing, in Baiyangdian is actually a very simple thing. The village here is loose, and the water is a lotus flower, fortunately, this season can also see the big fish out of the water.

The pond slope is divided into people, and the shore has planted a lot of weeping willow, and the fishing is mostly under the weeping willow trees, cool and comfortable.

The needle can also make a fish hook. Originally, in order to save money, it will not spend money to buy a special fishing utensils, just find a sewing needle from home, burning red and bending a hook, tie the rubber wire, hanging a steamed bread, or excavated I will fish in the water. At that time, the line tied to a nut was fell, and it judged whether there is a fish on the hook by feeling the trend to feel the fish to eat.

Because there is no fish, the line does not shape, occasionally meet the big fish at all, and it is very painful, so that the fish in the squid is much smaller.

  In the next stage, the boating of the boating is presented, and a few lotus flowers are taken, and the food cuisine can also be made. Into the dish, since ancient times, fried lotus petals is a simple and easy to learn.

The series of series of radio dramas "Baiyangdian Story" will tell you a lot of daemon. About the radio drama "Baiyangdian Story" Baiyangdian is one of Hebei business cards, the ancient "Northern West Lake", today has the reputation of "North China Pearl". Since ancient times, there have been many legends in Baiyangdian, and it is very exciting.

Xinhua.com, Xinhua News Agency, Hebei Branch, Hebei Provincial Netition Office, Hebei Xiongan New District Management Committee jointly launched a series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story", with broadcast and comics, bring you through the beautiful mysterious Baiyangdian, and enjoy the charm Yan Zhao.

  Good story is still going, please listen! Plan: Liu Xiaochao Gui: Wei Xiaomin, Xing Yuwei Editor: Yuan Lina Dubi: Horsepower Music: Gao Yi Mei: Zhang Wenze, Huang Yuqi, Wang Yingying, Wang Zixi Support: Hebei University of Science and Technology Art College.

The United States has a huge "democracy deficit" (bell)

The United States has a huge "democracy deficit" (bell)

The United States has always been self-sufficient for "City of Mountain" "Democratic Lighthouse."

However, a large number of facts show that the US democratic system has gradually alienated and transformed, and it is increasingly deviating from the original intention of the core and institutional design of the democratic system. China Wiskin Recently issued "Ten Regal US Democracy" reports, with a lot of facts and data, pointing out that American democracy is actually a "democracy" of a few people, and American democracy has caused power to abuse, deepening the suffering of the people, and improving freedom, infringing human rights. Question, US output American democracy is a disaster turmoil to other countries and regions, and destroying international order.

It can be said that American democracy is not only a heavy weight, but also carries a huge "deficit". The democratic word originates from ancient Greek, which is intended to be "people’s rule" "sovereign in the people." But in the United States, democracy is a naked "rich game".

Just as the Political Comment of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Social Activist Num Jumsky said that the Americans have positively correlax between the influence of policy development and their wealth levels.

Taking 2020 US President and Congress as an example, the total expenditure of the election is $ 14 billion, which is 2 times in 2016 and 3 times in 2008, known as "the most burning in history". In the United States, the democracy is "money owner", the people have to face, and money politics run through all aspects of US elections, legislation, and governance, in fact, to limit the participation of ordinary people, the inequality of economic status The political status is inequality, and there is only enough people with enough capital to enjoy the democratic rights set by the Constitution. Money politics is increasingly becoming "cancer" that is difficult to eradicate in American society.

Jalalaja, Professor, University of Massachusetts, pointed out: "The current democracy in the United States is only a formal democracy, not a substantive democracy." "One person, one vote" on the surface of American democracy, is actually a "minority ruler" game.

For ordinary voters, the election is called, and when the elections are elected, most people are only electing the game’s "mass actor", "Minzhi" is difficult to really reflect in American political practice.

Due to the increasing political polarization, the power of the United States was proud of the United States became "veto politics", and the two parties contacted the argument of the policy. The structural defects of the American democratic system have become more embarrassed, and the results must cause government efficacy to be weakened, and the fair rule of law is trampled, and the development progress is hysteresis, and social division is amplified. The "deficit" of American democracy is even more shocking in practice: the gunshots and farmers of the Capitol and the ruthless coat of the American democracy, and the death of Freud has once again revealed the long-term systematic racial discrimination, new crown. Pneumonia epidemic continues to be out of control, the gap between the rich and the poor is growing, and ordinary people’s income has long been stagnant … American society chaos are clustered, indicating that American democracy has been difficult to effectively maintain public sequestration, and they cannot fully provide public well-being.

Such a country with a huge "democratic deficit" is not qualified to be "democratic model", and there is no morality to act as a "democratic judge". "93% of the United States people believe that the US democracy is experiencing" "72% of Americans believe that the United States is not the" Democratic Modes "" United States "" The United States has become a case in the world’s research democracy "… Recently The conclusions of a series of public opinions at home and abroad have stated that the American people have long confident in American democracy, and the reality of American democratic disadvantages triggers more thinking.

The US democracy is difficult, root inside the US, "internal diseases" can’t solve the dilemma of US democracy.

For the US government, let go of arrogance and prejudice, and anti-self-esteem is the right path.

Service "An old" Pu Wei falls to practice (economic new orientation, focus "145" goals)

Service "An old" Pu Wei falls to practice (economic new orientation, focus "145" goals)

Original title: Serving "An old" Pu Wei falls to practice (economic new orientation, focus "fourteenth five" goals): Zhang Danfeng "14th Five-Year Plan" period is my country’s comprehensive construction of a well-off society, realizing the first hundred years of struggle After the goal, the first five years of the new journey of building a socialist modernization in building socialist modernization will be opened up and the first five years from the second hundred years of struggle. The economic development has achieved new results, the reform and opening up, the degree of social civilization has been improved, and the construction of ecological civilization has achieved new progress. The people’s livelihood well-being achieved a new level, and the national governance efficiency has been improved – the "14th Five-Year Plan" plan is clearly proposed The main goal of economic and social development during this period, providing a direction for the current work, and provides follows. This version introduces a series of reports, focusing on target tasks, focusing related areas, please ask the authoritative experts and the relevant departments to talk about comrades to talk about understanding, thinking, and talk about "fourteen".

– Editor’s "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term target outline (hereinafter referred to as "The ’14th Five’ Planning Outline") clearly put forward, implementing the active response to the aging national strategy, focusing on "an old one" Population service system, developing Puhetic intersection and basic pension service system.

Every thousand people have several infants under the age of 3, and the proportion of nursing binds in the nursing institutions has increased to 55% … A series of goals have been explicitly included in the "14th Five-Year Plan". "Every family is small, everyone will be old.

"Entering" 14th Five-Year Plan ", how do my country actively respond to population aging and improve the pension housing service system? The reporter interviewed relevant departments and experts.

Moderate aging has challenges and opportunities for relevant departments. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the national elderly population will exceed 300 million, from mild aging into moderate aging. This shift will certainly put forward new challenges for economic growth, scientific and technological innovation, social security, and public services.

In this context, my country puts forward the implementation of active dealing with the population aging national strategy. "Actively respond to the aging of population, integrated from wealth reserves, human resources, material services, science and technology support, social environment, etc. The great rejuvenation of Chinese dreams, with significant practical significance and profound history. "The person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission Society said.

Promoting the healthy development of pension housing services is a key initiative to actively address the aging of population.

In the long run, the service "An old" is not only conducive to improving the well-being of people’s livelihood, but also contributes to cultivating and developing economic new movements. "It is expected that the ‘S $ 14th" period’ Yinfa economy ‘investment is further expanded, and the consumption of the elderly group continues to form a trillion market.

Housing education also requires 4.5 million new rewards, driving investment and consumption scale exceed 100 billion yuan. The person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission Society said.

At present, there are some short boards in my country’s "one old" service. According to the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission: First, the supply of total supply, such as housing, pension service professional facilities is still insufficient, especially the gap of housing facilities; the second is the structural imbalance of resource allocation, such as urban and rural pension service gap Larger, housing agency is small, etc .; three is not high in specialization, such as service facilities standardization, slow service level standardization process, professional talents shortage, etc .; Insufficient incentives for innovative formats and effective business models. "These short boards bring concerns and burdes to the majority of families, care for the lack of human hands and children, and have worried that the relevant institutions are worried that the cost is high, and the service is uneven.

Only by trying to replenish the short board to promote the long-term balanced development of the population.

"Chen Qiulin, deputy director of the Health Industry Development Research Center of China Academy of Social Sciences, said.

The policy pays attention to the bottom line, the Popular "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country’s old population will continue to grow at about 10 million people. The "Fourteen Five-Year Plan" will "implement the active response to the population aging national strategy ‘, which suggests that the aggressive decision-making deployment made by the Party and the national work in the party and the state have been further improved. Li Zhihong, director of the China Aging Association Policy Research, said. The "Tenth Five-Year Plan" planned deployment promotes the realization of moderate fertility levels, improves infant development policies, improves pension service system, etc., there are many new features, new highlights. – Outstanding people’s sex, times.

The elderly elderly demand is from relatively multi-dimensional transformation, and the housing service can’t find it. Relevant policies are close to the characteristics of the times, close to the needs of the masses, reflecting "people have called, politics should be".

– Pay attention to the bottom line, the Puyo.

"The bottom line, the government must guaelfably, deepen the reform of public pension institutions, improve the publicly founding the management mechanism, adhere to the public welfare attributes, support social forces to provide Pu Wei hillion service, carry out the Puhui pension city enterprise Action, expand the puji service supply for low- and low income people. "The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission Society said. – emphasize integration, system view. "For example, family support policies are more coincident. In children, adolescents, young development, old people support, sick care, etc. There are policy support, joint efforts, and the pension is to build a pension service system combined with the combination of home community institutions, medical and numerous integrity, in summary, surrounding the system to solve various types of short plate weak items. "Chen Qiulin said.

Expanding the service market, strengthening the industry supervision in 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council issued the "Country Actively Responding to Population Aging Middle and Long-term Planning", established a complete system framework from 5 dimensions; 5 years agreed to arrange the central budget funds 18.6 billion The construction of the system, the basic pension insurance covers nearly 1 billion; the ministries will jointly form a special macro-control system system for the aged industry … Review "13th Five-Year Plan", my country’s active response to the top design of the population aging is more sound . "my country has always maintained a good momentum, economic strength, scientific and technological strength, comprehensive national strength and people’s living standards, and laid a solid substance foundation for addressing aging.

At the same time, ‘an old a small’ social security and service safety network, the more secret, and the social environment of respecting the old love and young is constantly optimized.

"Li Zhihong said. Next, how to promote the" 14th Five-Year Plan "policy deployment and goal to see the effectiveness? The relevant person in charge of the Social Society of the National Development and Reform Commission said that the relevant departments will do a good job in service system, Pleura service expansion and promotion, mobilization more powerful participation, strengthen key tasks such as monitoring assessment. – Detailed planning, scientific layout.

Research on the special planning of pension management services, strengthen the pension housing service facilities, support service facilities construction, and promote the formation of home community institutions to coordinate, the combination of pension services and Pu Hui services in combination with medical intensity , Multi-level, diverse housing service system. – Tighten the short board, supplement the supply. In-depth implementation of the special action of Puyi pension housing, further expand the pilot city and participate in the subject, increase investment support, and focus on solving the problem of deficiency in the big cities to make a hard work, and the supply of puji housing services, providing quality and quality of the masses , Price can be spaced, convenient and available.

– Expand the market, multi-party participation. Mobilization more powerful participation, encourage more institutions to supply quality services, guiding financial institutions to broaden financing channels, innovative credit support, guiding insurance, etc.

– Strengthen supervision and improve quality.

Strengthen the evaluation of work monitoring and service capacity, explore the prospects of population trend forecasting and pension housing industry, and promote the establishment of sound "an old" work promotion mechanism, continuously improve service quality and level. Li Zhihong suggested that the supply side should be implemented, deepen the reform of the field of pension housing, and effectively solve the problem of "landless, difficult, financing, and profit", launch more preferential support and Regulatory policies, create stable, fair, transparent and expected good business environment; from demand side to be traged, such as through steadily establishing long-term nursing insurance systems, improving pension service subsidies, exploring the implementation of parental leave, pulling huge Potential demand is transformed into effective demand, forming a higher level of dynamic balance of demand traction and supplying demand.

"People’s Daily" (June 09, 202) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian).

Review line read China’s future in the historical coordinates of the new era

Review line read China’s future in the historical coordinates of the new era

, Opening the 4th China International Import Expo. Nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions appeared in the enterprise exhibition, country, and the number of companies exceeded the previous session.

The first speed of 160 kilometers of the first speed of the Daxie District has got the "full moon" operation transcript – the average moon passenger.

It is still busy at the scene of each project.

The first three quarters of this year, the city’s key projects have completed investment billions, of which 136 provincial key projects have completed the investment of 116 billion yuan,% of the annual plan. One of the exciting data, which reflects a dynamic China; once a happy breakthrough, it turns into every person’s true feelings and happiness. Seeing history to see the future, I will read the past in the future.

The sixth plenary meeting of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will be held in Beijing.

The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee will report to the Central Committee, focusing on the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle.

For more than a hundred years, the Communist Party of China has led the Chinese people to write the most fascinating epic in history of the Chinese nation for thousands of years in the history of the Chinese nation.

One hundred years ago, the pioneers of the Communist Party of China have created the Chinese Communist Party. It has formed a truth, adheres to ideals, and practicing the initial heart, the mission, not afraid of sacrifice, heroic struggle, loyalty to the party, and does not have the people of the people. The Source of the Spirit of the Communist Party of China. Our party’s 100-year history is a history of practicing the initial mission of the party. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping has put forward the people-centered development thoughts. He insists that everything is for the people, and all rely on the people, always put the people at the highest position in the heart, and put the people’s yearning for a better life. The goal of struggle, promoting the reform and development results more more equally and all the people, promoting the common prosperity of more obvious substantive progress, and condenses more than 1.4 billion Chinese people into the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The old people can also enjoy the "digital dividend", and young people have more dreams, and the children have more proceeds – the current persistence of the history of the school, in-depth "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities : A pragmatic and powerful innovation initiative, a list of "genuine genuine real" project list, showing the community of the Communists, consistent with the people’s position. Time is the best witness. In the past 100 years, our party has given a good answer to the people. Today, the party group leads the Chinese people to have a new test of the second hundred years of struggle. Let us work together, cohesive force, to the Chinese dream to realize the great revival of the Chinese nation, to make unremitting struggles and work, in the new era, for everyone, for the country, for everyone, go Win a more brilliant future.

Chengdu Daily · Tournament News This newspaper commentator Ma Yubao is recommended.

Retired soldiers Yan Jun’s entrepreneurial road: road is long, I will go up and down

Retired soldiers Yan Jun’s entrepreneurial road: road is long, I will go up and down

Yan Jun participated in the 10th China Yangtze Triangle Emperor Forum.

Hefei City Retired Military Affairs Bureau is an veterans, Yan Jun always adheres to high standards, strict requirements, diligence, and create new. Under the popularity of the public, the innovation of the innovation, he actively formed the R & D team, established special funds, using advanced technology such as Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, independently developed the Qingbang Smart Science and Technology Innovation Service Platform – Qingbang APP, and Establish Qingbang Smart Enterprise Service Platform in the "Qingwang" park, in response to the practical problems encountered in the development of SMEs, to solve the pain points of small and medium enterprises, effectively help companies to reduce operational costs, improve business efficiency, and help companies Flourish.

In 2020, after consulting technical experts, he once again organized the company R & D team, integrating 5G technology on the basis of the original platform, and developed product iteration and upgrading, developing "5G smart enterprise service platform based on artificial intelligence and big data technology".

At present, the platform is independently developed and successfully authorized for 16 intellectual property rights, and is selected as "Anhui Province’s Information Ten Events Excellent Project".

The platform strives to achieve high-speed development of 3-5 years, realizing 100,000 SME services, providing enterprises with office decoration, business and taxation, office procurement, trademark registration, project declaration, financial support, human resources, etc. The business environment allows companies to focus on their business areas and enhance core competitiveness.

In order to meet the spiritual needs of young people, enrich your young people’s amateur life, "Qingwang" also build mobile Internet brands that focus on spiritual fields and new economic consumption scenarios, and play together for the interest of urban youth services – "play together "Applets.

Platform strives to create more than one million games in 2-3 years, and truly help young people find more beautiful, innovation and upgraded young people. Lifestyle.

Stretching helps the love of love.

Rand Bedrijfsrapport: China en Russische militaire macht komt volgend jaar dicht bij de Verenigde Staten

Rand Bedrijfsrapport: China en Russische militaire macht komt volgend jaar dicht bij de Verenigde Staten

Op 17 oktober, volgens de Website van de VS "Army Times" op 14 oktober, zei een nieuw rapport van Rand Company, US Rand, dat de Sino-Russische relaties zullen blijven versterkt vanwege de VS voortzetting van China en het beleid van Rusland.

Tegen 2022 zullen China en de algehele militaire macht van China het Amerikaanse leger blijven naderen, maar zal het niet overschrijden.

De auteur van het rapport verwijst naar de toenemende relatie tussen Beijing en Moskou als een pragmatische relatie en is gebaseerd op de harde sterkte en een zachte kracht van de Verenigde Staten. Bovendien willen zowel China als Rusland tegen de Verenigde Staten vechten, dat wil zeggen militarisme, interfositiek en het verstrekken van Amerikaanse waarden aan andere landen.

Volgens het rapport zijn de Sino-Russische betrekkingen in de afgelopen 20 jaar geleidelijk ontwikkeld en steeds intiem. In 2003 heeft de gezamenlijke oefening in Beijing en Moskou gemarkeerd, markeerde dat de twee landen zijn veranderd van de verschillende relaties op basis van elkaar.

Het rapport wees erop dat van 2012 tot 2017 Sino-Russische betrekkingen samenwerken uit samenwerking, wat grotendeels te wijten is aan westerse sancties.

Volgens het rapport is een van de sleutel tot het upgraden van de twee landen het militaire samenwerkingsplan van de twee partijen, die militaire uitrusting, technische autorisatie en gezamenlijk onderzoek en ontwikkeling uitbreiden.

China introduceerde Russische high-end-systemen, zoals su-27 en su-30-jagers, raketdragers en technische ondersteuning.

Resolutely remove formalism to reduce the grassroots burden

Resolutely remove formalism to reduce the grassroots burden

  Correct the "four winds" can’t stop, the work style is always on the road.

In September 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction on a material that reflects a large amount of time of grassroots cadres, and emphasizes the formalism. The central level rectification formism is the special working mechanism of the grassroots level to reduce the important instructions for the important instructions of General Secretary of the Popular Secretary, promoting the various departments of various departments to carry out the formalism of the formalism on the fingertips, and remove the burden of "fingertips" in the grassroots cadres.

This fully reflects the spiritual grassroots level of Xi Jinping, the deep feelings of caring for cadres, fully demonstrating the firm determination of the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core of the party, has established a solid determination to the grassroots, and the grassroots is loose and buried. Dedish directive.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Formalism, bureaucratism with our party’s nature and good style, is our party’s big enemy, the people ‘s enemy. In recent years, government Affairs APP has improved work efficiency to some extent. However, too much APP and "Zombie" "empty shell" APP, force promotion, abuse points rankings, overcare points, network work groups in the network work group, instant response … Some government APPs breed form The problem, occupying a lot of time, consuming a lot of effort, so that the base layer is overwhelmed. The formism on the fingertips, seemingly new performance, real old problems, indicating that the "four wind" problem has stubborn repetitability. The formalism on the rectification of the fingertips is the pragmatic movement of the true feelings and the grassroots cadres, which is the inherent requirement to improve the effectiveness of grassroots governance. After concentrating on attack, the formalism on the fingertips is powerful. In special rectification work, various departments have adhered to political guidance, from political understanding and treatment of formalism in the fingertips, the grassroots is really burden, negatively negative; adhere to the actual departure, do this clear, Then stay, prevent "one knife cut"; adhere to the symptoms of the specimen, to create the number of bases, establish a list of lists, on the way, and to promote the establishment of the normal regulatory measures and long-lasting mechanisms of mobile Internet applications. Through cleaning and remediation, all localities generally improve the ideological understanding of the formalism on rectification fingertips, the grassroots cadres unloaded more burden, and some places have taken out specific initiatives of formalism on the fingertips. Formalism bureaucratic claims Non-day cold, reducing the grassroots burden on the root is also not a day. The formalism in the rectification fingertips is obvious, but still needs to consolidate the results of rectification, strengthen normal supervision, and build long-term mechanisms to prevent rebound rebound.

It is necessary to combine in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the facts of the PRC bureaucracy and the important idea of ??network power, and grasp the dialectical relationship of mobile Internet applications to regulate management and long-term development. The burden is reduced, and it is good at promoting the modernization of governance. Only in consolidating and remediation results, it will be able to move this work to move the work in the effort to strengthen the data security of mobile Internet applications.

  The construction of the style is to attack the battle, lasting, it is necessary to take the courage of rolling stone, climb the ridge, deepen the rectification, see the effect, and insist on grasp, grasp the fine, long, and persevere.

Carrying forward the nail nail, to the bottom of the remediation formalism, the endless, for a long time, it will further stimulate the entrepreneurship of the majority of grassroots cadres, and act as the strength and vitality of "14th Five-Year Plan" Stepping provides a powerful guarantee.

(Editor: Xiao Xin, Feng Yaxao) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

ProSpect Of India’s Military Reform Remains Dim

ProSpect Of India’s Military Reform Remains Dim

Xu Yucheng Li Jiaxiang BYXUZICHENGANDLIJIASHENG Recently, the Indian army moves frequently: "gust of wind" fighters, "Fire-5" ballistic missile test … There is a stressed, this is the results of the new year of India. In this regard, some analysts pointed out that the Yin army faces many resistance in the process of reforming the reform of the informatization. TheIndianmilitaryhasbeenquitebusyrecently, fromcommissioningtheRafalefighterstotest-firingtheAgni-Vballisticmissile …, whichIndianmediadescribedastheachievementsofthecountry ‘, theIndianmilitary’sreformtowardstreamlined, theater-basedandinformation-basedarmedforcesmightstillfaceahostofobstacles. First, the relationship between the civilian and the military is still hard to straighten out.

First, THelerationShiPbetweencivilofficialSandmilitaryofficersremainStangled. India attempt to strengthen the communication between civilian and military, and directly incorporate military opinions into government decision-making system, and change the situation of the defense ministers who have been born only by the civil defense for decision-making. For a long time, the Indian army has long been led by civil servants, obeying government decisions without participating in policy development.

The Indian government is worried that the professional military will have a long-term position of important positions, which will increase military governance risks.

Under the context of military reform, military comments will be incorporated into government decisions, which is new to government and military. Duringthereform, theIndianmilitarytriestostrengthenthecommunicationandcoordinationbetweencivilofficialsandmilitaryofficerstosqueezethemilitary’sopinionsintothegovernment’sdecision-makingsystemandchangethesituationthatonlythedefenseminister, whousuallycomesfromacivilbackground ,, theIndianmilitaryhasalwaysbeenledbycivilofficials, withonlyobligationstofollowthegovernment’sdecisionsbutnorighttoparticipateinpolicy-making, becausetheIndiangovernmentworriesthathavingprofessionalservicemeninimportantpositionsfort, themilitary’sopinionswillbeincorporatedintothedecision-makingprocess, whichwillbeanewtestforboththegovernmentandthemilitary. Second, the long gap TNI internal armed services.

SECOND, DIFFERENTMILITARYSERVICESREMAINESTRANGED. India tries to promote military command system into the battle area.

India’s new national defense chief, unified coordination of land sea and air three armies, in addition, plans to integrate the original 19 commanders into five battlefield commanders.

However, the current status and contradiction is that India’s three armed forces are political, striving for resources, and the status is homesome. They all try to expand the national defense resources for their own weaponry development and strength. Previously, India purchased 22 AH-64E "Apache" helicopters, which plan to equip the Air Force, but the army strongly requested half of them.

After being rejected by the Air Force, the Army turned and requested the purchase of 39 helicopters. Some analysts pointed out that according to the tradition of the Yinjun, officials who have a deep army background hosted the establishment of the military system reform, which is hard to get the sea-horizon.

In, navyandairforce, andita, navyandairforcearesonot-coordinatedthattheyconstantlyfightforresourcesandposition, alleagertosecurenationaldefenseresourcestodevelo, Indiabought22AH-64EApachehelicoptersthatwereintendedfortheairforce, butthearmyinsistedonhavinghalfofthemand, whenitsrequestwasrejectedbytheairforce ,, ifthereformforatheater-basedcommandsystemisledbyanofficialwithastrongarmybackground, it’sunlikelytogetsupportfromthenavyandairforce. The third is affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the economic downturn, India’s many programs within the military reform measures had to be postponed .

Third, IndiahastopostponeMeasureSduetocovid-19andeconomicsLowdown As the world’s largest weapon importing country, India faces the problem of integrated multi-complex weapons.

In order to get rid of excessive dependence on foreign weapons and equipment, the so-called "national defense independent", India has issued an import ban on hundreds of weapons, but did not achieve significant results. Astheworld’slargestweaponimporter, Indiafacested "defenseindependence", NewDelhionceissuedabanontheimportofhundredstypesofweapons, butthatdidn’tseemtotakemucheffect. India began a new round of military reform in 2019.

It should be pointed out that India’s round-tier reform is built under the strong promotion of Moddy and its people’s party, and many of the time nodes of many reform measures are set before Moti’s second term.

Considering that India pushes the slowness of domestic reforms, this round of military reform is still "thunderous heavy rain", still needs to continue to observe.

India’snewroundofmilitaryreformbeganin2019andhasbeenstronglypushedbyModiandhisBharatiyaJanataParty (BJP) withmanymeasuresscheduledwithinModi ‘, whetherthenewroundofmilitaryreformwillbeanothercaseof "muchcryandlittlewool" isstilltobeseen (Author: Air Force Engineering University, Xi’an Jiaotong University). (TheauthorsarefromtheAirForceEngineeringUniversityoftheChinesePeople’sLiberationArmy (PLA) andtheXi’anJiaotongUniversity).

The Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of Liaoning Province held a thirtieth meeting, Zhang Guofeng, presiding a meeting.

The Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of Liaoning Province held a thirtieth meeting, Zhang Guofeng, presiding a meeting.

  Reporter Yang Zhonghou reported on November 24th, the thirtieth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Provincial 13th National People’s Congress held the first plenary meeting to convey the spirit of the Central People’s Congress Work Conference; listened to relevant regulations, decisions and motions, and the personnel appointment; Listen to the relevant situation report. Zhang Guoqing, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and the Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, presided over the meeting.

  The conference heard the provincial government’s instructions on the "Liaoning Provincial Population and Family Planning Regulations (Draft)", listening to the Provincial People’s Congress Law Commission on the "Liaoning Provincial Social Credit Regulations (Draft)" "Liaoning Provincial City Update Regulations (Draft)" "Liaoning Province" Public Health Emergency Management Regulations (Draft) "Liaoning Province Implementation" Land Management Law of the People’s Republic of China "(Draft)" revised report, listen to the provincial government, provincial court, provincial procuratorate on private enterprises legal rights judicial protection And the report of the countermeasures, listened to the "Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress on the" Draft "of the Sixth Meeting of the 13th People’s Congress of Liaoning Province (Draft), listened to the" Director of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress The meeting on the proposal of the provision of Li Le became a representative of the 13th National People’s Congress and the report of the Registrar of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress on representative qualifications for individual representatives, listening to the discipline of personnel The description, listening to the decision on the Decision of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress to resign from the Director of the Liaoning Provincial Supervision Committee (Draft) "and" the Director of the Director of the Standing Committee of the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress on the proposal of Liu Qi Fan " instruction of. On the same day, the Standing Committee consisted personnel surrounded the general speech of General Secretary of Xi Jinping at the Central People’s Congress working meeting.

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The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Wang Wei, the future international chairman of Xi’an: The premise of the data trading mechanism is to do good quality

The National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Wang Wei, the future international chairman of Xi’an: The premise of the data trading mechanism is to do good quality

Editor: Zhou Qi (this article issued in the "China Economic Week" 2018 "2018) Different government data and commercial data, commercial data is driven by commercial interest, due to each consumption and other recorded record precipitation, Internet companies are very It is willing to explore its credit based on user behavior trajectories. But in government affairs data, the information barriers and data we need to break and the data is still very much, open and sharing are not in place. Wang Wei, a member of the National Committee of China, and the chairman of Xi’an Future International Information Co., Ltd. accepted the "China Economic Week" interview with the "China Economic Week" report, with the arrival of the digital economy, especially in my country Mobile payment, online shopping and other e-commerce and numbers The current economy is very developed, how to use the resources of the government cloud, is the key to developing the digital economy. Wang Hao said that my country’s institutional mechanism in China has not been stunned, affecting the opening and sharing of data, the key is that the government should lead, if the government data cannot be open, socialized data is more Unable to apply well.

After authentication, it is convenient to trading and circulate in December 2017. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee will conduct collective learning on the big data strategy. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the big data is guaranteed and improving people’s livelihood. Let the people run less legs, data multi-run road, continuously improve public services equalization, Pu Huihua, convenient level.

Therefore, in terms of government affairs data, it is necessary to construct an open share and safe data ecology between various fields. At present, my country’s public security, transportation, civil affairs, and taxation and other government departments have not reached an open-sharing ecology. The key issue is to be authentic, only to establish ownership, and use rights can be more simple. Other departments. Wang Yan said the right question, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly stated in collective learning: to formulate data resource authentication, open, circulation, transaction related system, and improve the data property protection system.

Wang Wei believes that the authentication is the premise of data free circulation and the development of pricing mechanisms. It can be clear that the ownership of government clouds will be a government. If the outside world hopes that the government will open some of the data to ensure that the ownership, The government is given to other institutions by the government in accordance with certain rules. Wang Hao said that she understands the difficulties of government agencies. After all, the government data is different from other types of data, security is the first major event, the data such as public security, customs and transportation in the process of flowing, and the consequences are unimaginable.

How the mechanism is designed, how to divide the responsibility, but also need to study and solve it. It is worth mentioning that my country’s digital economic research has reached the world’s advanced level, which has been established in Guiyang, Shanghai, Shaanxi and other places, and a trading center. Shaanxi Provincial Data Group is currently operating within our company’s system, but is still in a half-stop state, because our trading and circulation of government data is very cautious, still exploring the process.

"Wang Hao, president of Shaanxi Provincial Data Group, said my country’s advantages of China’s digital economy lies in the innovation of mobile payment, online shopping, but in some countries in core technologies and basic technologies. Protection of personal information is also the meaning of the question of data authentication.

In June 2017, the "People’s Republic of China Network Safety Law" began to take effect, and the national standard "Personal Information Security Specification" (hereinafter referred to as "Specifications" will be implemented on May 1, 2018. After the Alipay annual bill event, the data control party began to step up to "specification", according to its provisions, including interface design, enhanced notification, distinguishing core functions and additional features, and modifying privacy clauses.

In the future, this big company will definitely be adjusted. With the relevant laws and standards, people have new claims for personal information protection rights, which is a power of the market. The key to government transportation is how to use the mechanism issues such as authentication, openness, and circulation, local government affairs happened many times in 2017, the bids of the bid or zero-duty bid, which also triggered how healthy and sustainable development Discuss.

There is an analysis that if such conditions continue to spread, the entire government cloud market will fall into chaos.

In the end, such incidents issued documents by the Ministry of Finance, and officially implemented the Ministry of Finance on October 1, 2017, that is, the "Administrative Measures for Government Procurement Goods and Service Bidding Bidding".

According to the new regulations, the low-cost bidders should self-witness in the evaluation site and provide written instructions in a reasonable time.

This provision can not only effectively prevent the outside of the field, but also ask the bidder to be prepared for the low price proposed. Since then, the cloud service provider has become a history based on the significant bidding behavior.

Wang Hao believes that the zero bidding is definitely very unsuitable. The key to government cloud is not to store, but how to use, do not exclude some local cadres, do not understand cloud technology, build large-scale machine rooms under the enthusiasm of enterprises, Image engineering, but there is no storage in the huge machine room, which is equivalent to a large house with a different furniture, which is not advisable.

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