Take measures to grasp the service and continuously improve the payer satisfaction

5月 12, 2022 品茶

Take measures to grasp the service and continuously improve the payer satisfaction

Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau is safe and meticulous to do a good job in social security and non-tax collection, ensuring smooth and orderly, and preferential policies have fallen. Collaborative co-governing.

With the flexible employee social security payment, it is imposed on the tax department, and the whole risk of social security is achieved, and the whole group is levied by the tax department. In order to continuously improve the level of payment service, the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau firmly establishes the tax and fees, with a smooth collection, standard payment, and actively strengthen the cooperation with the district and civil society, the district society, the district medical policy center and other departments , Stably complete the collection work. Summary experience is promoted.

After successfully completing the social security cost of the flexible employment personnel, the bureau is fully affiliated with the non-labor service institution in the bonded area, and the operation experience, continuous summing up work experience, find problems and risk points, combined with flexible Employment payment group social security fee collection characteristics, improve collection service method; for flexible employees universal age, software operation acceptance capacity, unpaid payment, etc. "Public number promotion.

Mobile taxation channel. Actively implement the "online office, palm office", guide the payer to use "Tianjin Tax", WeChat, Alipay and other convenience payment methods, flexible employee social security online payment rate increased from the initial 93% to 100%, urban and rural residents, two insurance online payment The rate is increased by 89% to%, and it is easy to reduce the burden of payers. Fine service is effective. In order to do a fine-time publicity and counseling, the bureau coordinated the Social Security Association Center to jointly establish the "Fast Anti-Working Group for Payment Problem" and collaborate to address the various problems encountered in the process of solving the payment process, improve the response speed, and optimize the workflow.

The Working Group has set up a problem for more than 100 payers since its establishment in August, and it has highlighted the tax service for paying practical things, and constantly enhances the satisfaction and feelings of payer.

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