Tian Jiabing Memorial Hall in Dapu County, Meizhou City

5月 10, 2022 夜网

Tian Jiabing Memorial Hall in Dapu County, Meizhou City

  In order to remember Mr. Tian Jiabing, promote the charity spirit of Tian Jiabing. Yesterday, Tian Jiabing Memorial Hall was held in Yintan Village, Gaoyu Town, Dapu County, Meizhou City.

  It is reported that Tian Jiabing Memorial has laid the foundation in the foundation of the 200th anniversary of Dr. Tian Jiabing, 2019, completed construction in May this year, completed the exhibition in July, by the National People’s Congress, Tai Po, Dangdao Xianxian, Dun Zhenlong, a generous donation of more than 1 million yuan. The exhibition area is divided into prelude, the children of Hakka, the heart of the Hakka, the Yangtze France, the high wind, the Huaxia Star, the left, the end of the Qianqiu, the tail hall, and "Dr. Tian Jiabing Great and legendary life. Deng Zhenlong said: "Mr. Tian Jiabing is a predecessor I admired, the sages, the life tutor of my hard work, hard work, has always been an example of my study.

"Dr. Tian Jiabing is a famous big charitable home, entrepreneur, educator, is a global giant giant.

He is committed to public welfare, donating huge payments to support the education, health and transportation of the motherland, especially the hometown Tai Po, is known as the "father of China."

(All media reporter Chen Jiayuan correspondent Liu Zhisheng).

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