Shaanxi people’s livelihood in the field of people invested "Tiequist" action results

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Shaanxi people’s livelihood in the field of people invested "Tiequist" action results

Original title: Our province’s people’s livelihood, the "Tiequist" action has achieved remarkable this newspaper (Reporter Xu Ying Zhang Queue) September 10th, the Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference, the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau introduced the province to carry out The case of people’s livelihood investigated "Tiequist" action and maintains a good market environment. According to the General Administration of Market Supervision Administration, the province has launched the "Tiequist" action in the province to investigate "Tiequist" action, focus on the key commodities of the people’s lives and health, and close to the key service industry of the masses, and rural and urban and rural engagement The market is sold to the key area of ??counterfeit and shoddy products. The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau clearly requires market supervision departments at all levels to increase law enforcement, and investigate a number of key cases, and severely punish a batch of illegal mains, exposing a group of typical cases. Since the operation, the province’s market supervision system has been investigated as a starting point, and the people’s livelihood appeal shall be effectively solved, respond to social concerns, investigate and deal with a group of typical cases, and have achieved remarkable results.

As of the end of August, the province has jointly investigated 4,859 cases in the field of people, and the case is 10,000 yuan. It has no penalty of 10,000 yuan, and there are 28 cases of public security organs, and 19 people are restricted.

  Our province’s comprehensive card analysis of Shaanxi 12315 command platform, the provision of the provincial ministerial insurance committee, the market supervision public opinion monitoring hotspot and risk points, through the solution to provincial-level relevant departments, inspection agencies and opinions and suggestions, considering the nature of illegal behavior, On the basis of the level of harm and social attention, focus on investigating food safety, product quality, and 9 illegal activities such as "cottage" wine drinks. In the field of people’s livelihood, the "Tiequist" action, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, the Provincial Department of Commerce, carrying out the price increase of the electricity fee for the transfer of electricity tolls, about 160,000 Small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial industrial households will collect electricity price billions, and they shall be punished according to law; carry out the administrative organ and its subsidiary inspection, supervising the 33 illegal violations. The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau also launched a special rectification action of "protecting the old" advertising, investigating 55 illegal advertising cases, penalty of 10,000 yuan according to law; continuously carrying out special actions for protective products such as illegal production masks, seized unqualified mouths, Milling products tons. Up to now, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau is divided into two batches of the world’s exposure typical cases, and the whole system has a typical case 228 to the society.

These typical cases are closely related to people’s livelihood, and they are widely concerned by society.

  Next, the provincial market supervision system will focus on the "urgent expensive" problem of the people, and comprehensively increase the efforts of law enforcement inspections and cases, and severely crack down on various illegal violations in people’s livelihood and protect the people’s vital interests.

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