Shenzhen Yantian District crack grassroots epidemic prevention problem

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Shenzhen Yantian District crack grassroots epidemic prevention problem

Original title: Yantian District cracking the grassroots epidemic prevention problem community community is the first line of the epidemic association, and it is also the most effective line of defense of "external prevention input, internal defense proliferation". With the multi-wheel epidemic, "all sinking, kneeling card mouth" model reveals the fatigue, the problem of lack of grassroots, fatigue operations. How to crack the grassroots epidemic prevention problem? The reporter learned that the Wisdom, the smart epidemic prevention model, the first "Internet + bayonet epidemic prevention" in Shenzhen Yantian District, which is accurately opened from the street decision-making to the first-line epidemic prevention and control. "The last km".

  The reporter walked into the Yansian District Haishan Street Epidemic Prevention and Control Barn, the wisdom scheduling electronic big screen of the "Smart Street" epidemic prevention platform curtains. On the screen, the video screens and related data information of each bayonet of the jurisdiction clearly present in front of the duty personnel.

At the same time, all real-time statistics such as vaccination, unwind mask, temperature measurement and health code detection information, medium and high risk area data, etc. The reporter learned that the concept of Haiyanshan Street in Yantian District seeks science and technology to enguate, explore the construction of "smart block", in the city’s first "Internet + bayonet epidemic prevention" as supported by smart epidemic prevention model, constructs "two-level command dispatch platform + card mouth The smart epidemic prevention network of monitoring equipment + card detection equipment, realizes the two-way real-time interaction, real-time monitoring, value-behind assessment, monitoring warning and command, creating a district, street, community, and bayonets The operation of the intelligent support platform is accurately opened from the street decision command to the "last kilometer" of the first-line epidemic prevention and control. According to reports, Haishan Street sets two-level command dispatch platform in the street and community duty room. The AI ??video camera is installed in 45 community communities, and the detection device is set in 10 key card ports, and the information between platforms and devices is implemented via the Internet. Transfer, effective cracking card mouth is difficult to monitor, leak detection, leak detection, slow transmission, lack of physical constraints, and lack of influence of grassroots epidemic prevention power, improve the level of epidemic prevention level. According to the relevant person in charge of Haishan Street, the community bayonard monitoring and smart dispatching system currently realizes the intelligent value of the community card management, real-time monitoring, command dispatching, and greatly promotes the epidemic prevention of community community through wisdom. Efficacy is reduced. In order to give full play to the role of anti-prevention intelligence dispatching system, Haiyansian street support has established a working mechanism of the two-level smart terminal personnel, online inspection and supervision and rectification of the street community, and strives to achieve the best results of "civil air defense + technical defense". Next, Haishan Street will continue to deepen the "Smart Street" epidemic prevention system according to the system usage, realize data information such as intimate card, scanning health code, acquisition stroke code, vaccination, and access various sectoral epidemic platform data, Implementation of behavioral trajectory analysis of key crowds or abnormal personnel, enhance the efficiency and level of the basic precision prevention and control, promoting the intelligent, intelligent, exploration formation of normalized epidemic prevention and control of community community, can promote the intelligent epidemic prevention Models and experience, while continuous expanding, constructing a comprehensive and comprehensive "smart street area" construction system covering the safety emergency and market-oriented environment.

(Reporter fifth Yan Yan Wu He Kunhu Hui) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhu) Sharing let more people see.

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