Quanzhou Spring Port Area: "Three First Lines" guide party members to play a model role

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Quanzhou Spring Port Area: "Three First Lines" guide party members to play a model role

Since this year, Fujian Quanzhou Spring Port Area has taken the project, the creation of the civilized city, and the epidemic prevention and control is the examination room."Hanging standard", feel "thousands of balance", consolidate "crimping stone", use the active effectiveness to answer, and temper the hard party cadres, let the party flags are highly fluttering in front.

The project is a difficulty of solving the problem. "We have not been forgotten by these difficulties.

"Sinong Town, Houlong Town, who solved the housing problem, was very happy. Old Chen’s original house is within the Zhuangang Petrochemical Security Zone, the house is not large, only twenty square meters is typical housing difficulties. Household.

Although the monetary compensation agreement has been signed, the house compensation is not enough to purchase a commodity house as a "five guaranteed" object. After understanding the difficulties of Lao Chen, the Field Working Group, the fifth area of ??the security area, helped him find a way, solve the problem, use the foot-escrunized policy, and provide a house living in Liushan resettlement, solve the use of water Electrical problem. Because of the use of "heart", the working group has a speed at which the work is more temperate. In January this year, Hutian Village became the first agreement in this district, shot, demolished "three clear zero" villages. Quangang District Innovation Party Construction Leading the Project Mechanism, Take a 40% Party Members and Cadres, nearly 1500 Care Forces Participate in the Enhancement, Setting up the Temporary Party Committee, Party Branch, Party Branch, and promotes the big relief with the big party. Let the party members and cadres take performance in the work of the relocation.

The district implemented the party members and cadres, "four bright four-sun" activities, established a weekly "one meeting, one coordination, one supervision, one information" coordination mechanism, "six packs" responsibility system, etc., forming party members governing the commando , The relocation of the attack, the three teams of the volunteer service team, carrying out the "one-point three-band promotion" pioneer action, the service guarantee the key difficulties of the relocation of the relocation. At present, the total investment of 35.5 billion yuan, the people who are involved in the counsel, have entered the tail to attack, and will fundamentally solve the contradiction of "factory village mixed" in the region, and protect the masses. At the same time, in terms of key project construction, the area is implemented by implementing the head of the leadership of the party members, and the project "one picture is a table", "Weekly coordination, monthly scheduling, season and small knots" Letter "and other mechanisms, let party members and cadres strive to be project service capabilities.

In the past five years, 226 key projects have been completed, with a total investment of 41 billion yuan, five years and four times to obtain "five a group of" forward incentives in Fujian Province. Civilization creates a first-line paste heart in Quanang District, the main road, the streets, which can meet the busy figure of party members. They wear red vests, went to the people to promote civilized concepts and behavioral norms; hand cleaning, garbage clamp, garbage bag into the back street alley, farmer’s market, squatting, cleaning weed, correcting stalls , Occupation and other phenomena; into the residential community, clean the garbage, check the charging line, listen to the heart of the owner. Civilized City creates a sense of happiness and feelings of the masses. Party organizations at all levels of the district and the majority of party members and cadres have been moving, engage in the creation of work, head arrays, as a pioneer, calculation rate, take the initiative to participate in party pioneers, party members, party members, party members volunteers The service team, in-depth hooks to the village (community), transportation intersection, new era civilization practice center (office), etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., to carry out activities such as health remediation, civilized persuasion, Chuangcheng publicity, and lead the masses to create civilization City, let the wind of civilization blow through each corner of Springport.

Since the establishment of the creation, Quangang has focused on playing the exemplary role of party members and cadres, to the party members "plus mission", "pressure burden", and distribute party members scientific into unit responsibility areas and import lines, 45 units, 1352 party members and cadres The formation of the Chuangcheng Chuangwei Tang team, hooks 101 villages (community), helping to solve the "dirty" "chaos" "break" highlighting problems.

Quan Hong Kong Innovation "Sany-color Dynamic Evaluation" system, divide the evaluation point of the area with "red, yellow, green", to meet the standard, with "a single letter" to list the pattern, work "work" Parning the pulse, carry out a full range of high-density supervision, promoting problems rapidly, closed-loop management, this year, 12,523 issues have been discovered, and 11548 have been changed.

"The traffic is smooth, the street is green, the road light is on, the community is beautiful … Chuangcheng gives us benefits, we must also offer a power for urban civilization." Today, participation in civilization creation has become more and more The actions of the masses are conscious.

The epidemic prevention and control first-line significantly "played the role of the town village party members and cadres, for some people’s inconvenient people and the elderly, arranged special vehicles, batch vaccination, so that the people are convenient, close, and inoculate the vaccination." Recently, the Sinong Dragon The town became the first township, the first title of "Building New Crown Virus Immune Barrier Demonstration Town. This honor is inseparable from the town party members and cadres to take the lead in serving as the people.

Since the development of self-inoculation, the town party members have taken the lead in vaccination, combined with the characteristics of more merchants, more merchants, through WeChat, radio, telephone, entering the house, etc., to the masses to issue a vaccination, explain the vaccination process and the masses. Popular vaccination taboos.

During the vaccination process, the service method of "on-site service, pre-diagnosis" and "point-to-point" is taken, and the peaks notify the inoculation of the masses, etc., let the masses feel the "temperature" of the inoculation service.

In addition, it is also necessary for the elderly "green channel", accompanied by the whole process, ensuring "no line". The epidemic prevention and control first-line, the party members and cadres of Quangang District promote vaccination work with the spirit of "hard bones, fight hard", and protect the lives and health of the masses with practical actions.

Up to now, there are 12 new crown vaccine inoculation points, 53 inoculation tables, and more than 8,000 doses of the average daily inoculation, have been completed by 10,000 people over the age of 18; the 15-17 people accumulated 10,162 people.

In order to promote the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control, the district relies on the epidemic prevention and control network of the horizontal, longitudinal to the end, through the "newspaper, net, end, micro-screen" to launch party members and cadres "epidemic" first line, establish 172 Head commanders, pioneers, service teams.

Innovation takes a timing investigation method, invitation supervision, closed-loop supervision, one-on-one tracking service, Baixian, thousands of doctors, hairdressing and other intelligent management, etc. (Guo Fei Fan Liu Zeyang Zhuang Yongfeng Wang Yifan) (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client download.

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