Tianjin Grand Theater launches autumn and winter heavy pound series

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Tianjin Grand Theater launches autumn and winter heavy pound series

Original title: Tianjin Grand Theater launches autumn and winter heavy performance series (Figure) shows the drama "four-life thaw" recently, Tianjin Grand Theater announced the 2021 autumn and winter heavy performance series, from September to the end of this year, there will be about 20 Drama, opera, musical, dance drama, music festival, art song concert and other different categories of high-level dramas (festival) were staged in Tianjin, including representatives of many famous families.

  2021 autumn and winter played series of drama performances. From November 12th to 14th, as a pioneer drama director Monteng Hui’s new force and the drama "Red and Black", "Red and Black" will be unveiled at Tianjin Grand Theater. The drama is starred by the actor Mei Ting, which reproduces the charm of the most prestigious literary masterpiece of Tongda in the form of drama. From December 30th to 31st, the "Amazing Dream" of the three songs of the stage will be staged. This is also a screenwriter, and the director Chen Pis will cooperate again after the "stage". The drama still uses the fate of traditional play as a story main line. The smart story setting tells the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture.

Shanghai Yue Theater will bring classic versatile "Dream" "Xixiang" in the 12th, on September 21st and 22nd.

  Broadway suspense thriller, "Death Trap" 10th Anniversary Edition will be staged on October 16th, 17th, which has been staged more than 1,800 games in the United States, and built a thrilling suspense drama in the history of Bailu. On October 22nd, on the 23rd, according to the classic works of the old classic work, the "four-life tuned" drama "IV" will return to Tianjin again. According to the drama of the same name TV drama, "the human right is the vicissitudes" will be on December 8th, 9th, by Yao Yuanmun play, Hu Zongqi, with nearly 4 hours of time, telling about the establishment of this section of the 1920s to New China The complex and moving process in the history of revolution.

  Music and concert performances are one of the highlights of this performance series. From November 5th to 6th, the Korean musical "perhaps a beautiful ending" Chinese version will be staged, and the play has a distinctive character in terms of story theme, narrative, music style, etc., telling a paragraph full of science fiction and warm "Robot Love".

According to the adaptation of Mark Temina, the Chinese version of the Four Seasonal Troupe Family Music Series "Prince and Jane" will be unveiled on December 12th to 13th, in the 16th century, London, London, telling two identities. Scroped children – I want to become a prince’s poor boy and a real prince’s identity interchange. From November 5th to 21st, the 3rd Tianjin Room Music Festival will be held in Tianjin Grand Theater. This year’s music festival has continued the quality of the previous two high-level high-level, Tianjin Grand Theater continued to join hands with Tianjin Julia College. Bring four wonderful chamber music concerts. On November 20th, the singer Zhao Cong will work with a number of excellent musicians, showing a plurality of instruments that combine a variety of instruments such as piano, string quartet. On December 11th, the pianist Chensa and the male high-profile singer stone relying on the Tianjin audience a Chinese art song concert, and the concert showed the early stage of Chinese composers in the early stage of art song creation, and putting Western techniques and Chinese music elements. Excellent works in combination. The audience who loves the dance will also usher in many good play. On November 26, the "wandering Nomadic" created by Youth Dancer Hu Shen will be staged, and the drama has been created by Hu Shenfu in the past ten years of drifting experience, and has added a large number of folk dance elements based on modern dance.

On December 19th, on the 20th, Yang Liping’s dance theater "10 side ambush" will meet with Tianjin audience. The drama consists of many art famous creation classes. With Yang Liping’s personalized dance and dance beauty language, "Ten-faces ambush" " The sad story of Ji ".

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