Series Radio Drama No. 185: Here, there is a very simple matter here.

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Series Radio Drama No. 185: Here, there is a very simple matter here.

Watch the white water, sail. Flat waves are not moving, and it is full of green.

  Hello everyone, welcome to listen to the series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story" No. 185. Baiyangdian’s legend and a lot of stories, today we will say that Baiyang is a fishing. Do you know? Baiyangdian "Ocean", the earliest is the word "sheep" in the goat. This waters are divided by reeds and islands into many water parks, with a larger one, the water is huge, the wind is flushed, like a group of Running white sheep, the local people are called "white sheep". At the Ming Dynasty, Baiyangdian "Wang Yang is vast, and the horizon".

So, the word "sheep" is replaced by the "foreign" of the Wangyang Dahai. Baiyangdian is a tourist attraction. Here, there is a longitude, and the water is full of water, which has created a small environment suitable for various fish survival. The fish in the depth is quite a lot, such as squid, black fish, squid, grassfish and knife fish.

They have habits, and the people said: "Cucumber fish is slippery, the muddy is sinking, the squid will jump, the squid meet. Sweet Fish, the knife fish bow, squid twisted Yang Yang, squid does not love." Occasionally, fishing is a good choice when you can’t take a boat to catch. Speaking of fishing, in Baiyangdian is actually a very simple thing. The village here is loose, and the water is a lotus flower, fortunately, this season can also see the big fish out of the water.

The pond slope is divided into people, and the shore has planted a lot of weeping willow, and the fishing is mostly under the weeping willow trees, cool and comfortable.

The needle can also make a fish hook. Originally, in order to save money, it will not spend money to buy a special fishing utensils, just find a sewing needle from home, burning red and bending a hook, tie the rubber wire, hanging a steamed bread, or excavated I will fish in the water. At that time, the line tied to a nut was fell, and it judged whether there is a fish on the hook by feeling the trend to feel the fish to eat.

Because there is no fish, the line does not shape, occasionally meet the big fish at all, and it is very painful, so that the fish in the squid is much smaller.

  In the next stage, the boating of the boating is presented, and a few lotus flowers are taken, and the food cuisine can also be made. Into the dish, since ancient times, fried lotus petals is a simple and easy to learn.

The series of series of radio dramas "Baiyangdian Story" will tell you a lot of daemon. About the radio drama "Baiyangdian Story" Baiyangdian is one of Hebei business cards, the ancient "Northern West Lake", today has the reputation of "North China Pearl". Since ancient times, there have been many legends in Baiyangdian, and it is very exciting., Xinhua News Agency, Hebei Branch, Hebei Provincial Netition Office, Hebei Xiongan New District Management Committee jointly launched a series of radio drama "Baiyangdian Story", with broadcast and comics, bring you through the beautiful mysterious Baiyangdian, and enjoy the charm Yan Zhao.

  Good story is still going, please listen! Plan: Liu Xiaochao Gui: Wei Xiaomin, Xing Yuwei Editor: Yuan Lina Dubi: Horsepower Music: Gao Yi Mei: Zhang Wenze, Huang Yuqi, Wang Yingying, Wang Zixi Support: Hebei University of Science and Technology Art College.

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