The United States has a huge "democracy deficit" (bell)

5月 1, 2022 品茶

The United States has a huge "democracy deficit" (bell)

The United States has always been self-sufficient for "City of Mountain" "Democratic Lighthouse."

However, a large number of facts show that the US democratic system has gradually alienated and transformed, and it is increasingly deviating from the original intention of the core and institutional design of the democratic system. China Wiskin Recently issued "Ten Regal US Democracy" reports, with a lot of facts and data, pointing out that American democracy is actually a "democracy" of a few people, and American democracy has caused power to abuse, deepening the suffering of the people, and improving freedom, infringing human rights. Question, US output American democracy is a disaster turmoil to other countries and regions, and destroying international order.

It can be said that American democracy is not only a heavy weight, but also carries a huge "deficit". The democratic word originates from ancient Greek, which is intended to be "people’s rule" "sovereign in the people." But in the United States, democracy is a naked "rich game".

Just as the Political Comment of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Social Activist Num Jumsky said that the Americans have positively correlax between the influence of policy development and their wealth levels.

Taking 2020 US President and Congress as an example, the total expenditure of the election is $ 14 billion, which is 2 times in 2016 and 3 times in 2008, known as "the most burning in history". In the United States, the democracy is "money owner", the people have to face, and money politics run through all aspects of US elections, legislation, and governance, in fact, to limit the participation of ordinary people, the inequality of economic status The political status is inequality, and there is only enough people with enough capital to enjoy the democratic rights set by the Constitution. Money politics is increasingly becoming "cancer" that is difficult to eradicate in American society.

Jalalaja, Professor, University of Massachusetts, pointed out: "The current democracy in the United States is only a formal democracy, not a substantive democracy." "One person, one vote" on the surface of American democracy, is actually a "minority ruler" game.

For ordinary voters, the election is called, and when the elections are elected, most people are only electing the game’s "mass actor", "Minzhi" is difficult to really reflect in American political practice.

Due to the increasing political polarization, the power of the United States was proud of the United States became "veto politics", and the two parties contacted the argument of the policy. The structural defects of the American democratic system have become more embarrassed, and the results must cause government efficacy to be weakened, and the fair rule of law is trampled, and the development progress is hysteresis, and social division is amplified. The "deficit" of American democracy is even more shocking in practice: the gunshots and farmers of the Capitol and the ruthless coat of the American democracy, and the death of Freud has once again revealed the long-term systematic racial discrimination, new crown. Pneumonia epidemic continues to be out of control, the gap between the rich and the poor is growing, and ordinary people’s income has long been stagnant … American society chaos are clustered, indicating that American democracy has been difficult to effectively maintain public sequestration, and they cannot fully provide public well-being.

Such a country with a huge "democratic deficit" is not qualified to be "democratic model", and there is no morality to act as a "democratic judge". "93% of the United States people believe that the US democracy is experiencing" "72% of Americans believe that the United States is not the" Democratic Modes "" United States "" The United States has become a case in the world’s research democracy "… Recently The conclusions of a series of public opinions at home and abroad have stated that the American people have long confident in American democracy, and the reality of American democratic disadvantages triggers more thinking.

The US democracy is difficult, root inside the US, "internal diseases" can’t solve the dilemma of US democracy.

For the US government, let go of arrogance and prejudice, and anti-self-esteem is the right path.

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