Service "An old" Pu Wei falls to practice (economic new orientation, focus "145" goals)

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Service "An old" Pu Wei falls to practice (economic new orientation, focus "145" goals)

Original title: Serving "An old" Pu Wei falls to practice (economic new orientation, focus "fourteenth five" goals): Zhang Danfeng "14th Five-Year Plan" period is my country’s comprehensive construction of a well-off society, realizing the first hundred years of struggle After the goal, the first five years of the new journey of building a socialist modernization in building socialist modernization will be opened up and the first five years from the second hundred years of struggle. The economic development has achieved new results, the reform and opening up, the degree of social civilization has been improved, and the construction of ecological civilization has achieved new progress. The people’s livelihood well-being achieved a new level, and the national governance efficiency has been improved – the "14th Five-Year Plan" plan is clearly proposed The main goal of economic and social development during this period, providing a direction for the current work, and provides follows. This version introduces a series of reports, focusing on target tasks, focusing related areas, please ask the authoritative experts and the relevant departments to talk about comrades to talk about understanding, thinking, and talk about "fourteen".

– Editor’s "14th Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term target outline (hereinafter referred to as "The ’14th Five’ Planning Outline") clearly put forward, implementing the active response to the aging national strategy, focusing on "an old one" Population service system, developing Puhetic intersection and basic pension service system.

Every thousand people have several infants under the age of 3, and the proportion of nursing binds in the nursing institutions has increased to 55% … A series of goals have been explicitly included in the "14th Five-Year Plan". "Every family is small, everyone will be old.

"Entering" 14th Five-Year Plan ", how do my country actively respond to population aging and improve the pension housing service system? The reporter interviewed relevant departments and experts.

Moderate aging has challenges and opportunities for relevant departments. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the national elderly population will exceed 300 million, from mild aging into moderate aging. This shift will certainly put forward new challenges for economic growth, scientific and technological innovation, social security, and public services.

In this context, my country puts forward the implementation of active dealing with the population aging national strategy. "Actively respond to the aging of population, integrated from wealth reserves, human resources, material services, science and technology support, social environment, etc. The great rejuvenation of Chinese dreams, with significant practical significance and profound history. "The person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission Society said.

Promoting the healthy development of pension housing services is a key initiative to actively address the aging of population.

In the long run, the service "An old" is not only conducive to improving the well-being of people’s livelihood, but also contributes to cultivating and developing economic new movements. "It is expected that the ‘S $ 14th" period’ Yinfa economy ‘investment is further expanded, and the consumption of the elderly group continues to form a trillion market.

Housing education also requires 4.5 million new rewards, driving investment and consumption scale exceed 100 billion yuan. The person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission Society said.

At present, there are some short boards in my country’s "one old" service. According to the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission: First, the supply of total supply, such as housing, pension service professional facilities is still insufficient, especially the gap of housing facilities; the second is the structural imbalance of resource allocation, such as urban and rural pension service gap Larger, housing agency is small, etc .; three is not high in specialization, such as service facilities standardization, slow service level standardization process, professional talents shortage, etc .; Insufficient incentives for innovative formats and effective business models. "These short boards bring concerns and burdes to the majority of families, care for the lack of human hands and children, and have worried that the relevant institutions are worried that the cost is high, and the service is uneven.

Only by trying to replenish the short board to promote the long-term balanced development of the population.

"Chen Qiulin, deputy director of the Health Industry Development Research Center of China Academy of Social Sciences, said.

The policy pays attention to the bottom line, the Popular "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country’s old population will continue to grow at about 10 million people. The "Fourteen Five-Year Plan" will "implement the active response to the population aging national strategy ‘, which suggests that the aggressive decision-making deployment made by the Party and the national work in the party and the state have been further improved. Li Zhihong, director of the China Aging Association Policy Research, said. The "Tenth Five-Year Plan" planned deployment promotes the realization of moderate fertility levels, improves infant development policies, improves pension service system, etc., there are many new features, new highlights. – Outstanding people’s sex, times.

The elderly elderly demand is from relatively multi-dimensional transformation, and the housing service can’t find it. Relevant policies are close to the characteristics of the times, close to the needs of the masses, reflecting "people have called, politics should be".

– Pay attention to the bottom line, the Puyo.

"The bottom line, the government must guaelfably, deepen the reform of public pension institutions, improve the publicly founding the management mechanism, adhere to the public welfare attributes, support social forces to provide Pu Wei hillion service, carry out the Puhui pension city enterprise Action, expand the puji service supply for low- and low income people. "The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission Society said. – emphasize integration, system view. "For example, family support policies are more coincident. In children, adolescents, young development, old people support, sick care, etc. There are policy support, joint efforts, and the pension is to build a pension service system combined with the combination of home community institutions, medical and numerous integrity, in summary, surrounding the system to solve various types of short plate weak items. "Chen Qiulin said.

Expanding the service market, strengthening the industry supervision in 2019, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council issued the "Country Actively Responding to Population Aging Middle and Long-term Planning", established a complete system framework from 5 dimensions; 5 years agreed to arrange the central budget funds 18.6 billion The construction of the system, the basic pension insurance covers nearly 1 billion; the ministries will jointly form a special macro-control system system for the aged industry … Review "13th Five-Year Plan", my country’s active response to the top design of the population aging is more sound . "my country has always maintained a good momentum, economic strength, scientific and technological strength, comprehensive national strength and people’s living standards, and laid a solid substance foundation for addressing aging.

At the same time, ‘an old a small’ social security and service safety network, the more secret, and the social environment of respecting the old love and young is constantly optimized.

"Li Zhihong said. Next, how to promote the" 14th Five-Year Plan "policy deployment and goal to see the effectiveness? The relevant person in charge of the Social Society of the National Development and Reform Commission said that the relevant departments will do a good job in service system, Pleura service expansion and promotion, mobilization more powerful participation, strengthen key tasks such as monitoring assessment. – Detailed planning, scientific layout.

Research on the special planning of pension management services, strengthen the pension housing service facilities, support service facilities construction, and promote the formation of home community institutions to coordinate, the combination of pension services and Pu Hui services in combination with medical intensity , Multi-level, diverse housing service system. – Tighten the short board, supplement the supply. In-depth implementation of the special action of Puyi pension housing, further expand the pilot city and participate in the subject, increase investment support, and focus on solving the problem of deficiency in the big cities to make a hard work, and the supply of puji housing services, providing quality and quality of the masses , Price can be spaced, convenient and available.

– Expand the market, multi-party participation. Mobilization more powerful participation, encourage more institutions to supply quality services, guiding financial institutions to broaden financing channels, innovative credit support, guiding insurance, etc.

– Strengthen supervision and improve quality.

Strengthen the evaluation of work monitoring and service capacity, explore the prospects of population trend forecasting and pension housing industry, and promote the establishment of sound "an old" work promotion mechanism, continuously improve service quality and level. Li Zhihong suggested that the supply side should be implemented, deepen the reform of the field of pension housing, and effectively solve the problem of "landless, difficult, financing, and profit", launch more preferential support and Regulatory policies, create stable, fair, transparent and expected good business environment; from demand side to be traged, such as through steadily establishing long-term nursing insurance systems, improving pension service subsidies, exploring the implementation of parental leave, pulling huge Potential demand is transformed into effective demand, forming a higher level of dynamic balance of demand traction and supplying demand.

"People’s Daily" (June 09, 202) (Editor: Li Dan, Tao Jian).

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