Retired soldiers Yan Jun’s entrepreneurial road: road is long, I will go up and down

4月 28, 2022 夜网

Retired soldiers Yan Jun’s entrepreneurial road: road is long, I will go up and down

Yan Jun participated in the 10th China Yangtze Triangle Emperor Forum.

Hefei City Retired Military Affairs Bureau is an veterans, Yan Jun always adheres to high standards, strict requirements, diligence, and create new. Under the popularity of the public, the innovation of the innovation, he actively formed the R & D team, established special funds, using advanced technology such as Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence, independently developed the Qingbang Smart Science and Technology Innovation Service Platform – Qingbang APP, and Establish Qingbang Smart Enterprise Service Platform in the "Qingwang" park, in response to the practical problems encountered in the development of SMEs, to solve the pain points of small and medium enterprises, effectively help companies to reduce operational costs, improve business efficiency, and help companies Flourish.

In 2020, after consulting technical experts, he once again organized the company R & D team, integrating 5G technology on the basis of the original platform, and developed product iteration and upgrading, developing "5G smart enterprise service platform based on artificial intelligence and big data technology".

At present, the platform is independently developed and successfully authorized for 16 intellectual property rights, and is selected as "Anhui Province’s Information Ten Events Excellent Project".

The platform strives to achieve high-speed development of 3-5 years, realizing 100,000 SME services, providing enterprises with office decoration, business and taxation, office procurement, trademark registration, project declaration, financial support, human resources, etc. The business environment allows companies to focus on their business areas and enhance core competitiveness.

In order to meet the spiritual needs of young people, enrich your young people’s amateur life, "Qingwang" also build mobile Internet brands that focus on spiritual fields and new economic consumption scenarios, and play together for the interest of urban youth services – "play together "Applets.

Platform strives to create more than one million games in 2-3 years, and truly help young people find more beautiful, innovation and upgraded young people. Lifestyle.

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