Resolutely remove formalism to reduce the grassroots burden

4月 26, 2022 品茶

Resolutely remove formalism to reduce the grassroots burden

  Correct the "four winds" can’t stop, the work style is always on the road.

In September 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping made an important instruction on a material that reflects a large amount of time of grassroots cadres, and emphasizes the formalism. The central level rectification formism is the special working mechanism of the grassroots level to reduce the important instructions for the important instructions of General Secretary of the Popular Secretary, promoting the various departments of various departments to carry out the formalism of the formalism on the fingertips, and remove the burden of "fingertips" in the grassroots cadres.

This fully reflects the spiritual grassroots level of Xi Jinping, the deep feelings of caring for cadres, fully demonstrating the firm determination of the Party Central Committee of Xi Jinping as the core of the party, has established a solid determination to the grassroots, and the grassroots is loose and buried. Dedish directive.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Formalism, bureaucratism with our party’s nature and good style, is our party’s big enemy, the people ‘s enemy. In recent years, government Affairs APP has improved work efficiency to some extent. However, too much APP and "Zombie" "empty shell" APP, force promotion, abuse points rankings, overcare points, network work groups in the network work group, instant response … Some government APPs breed form The problem, occupying a lot of time, consuming a lot of effort, so that the base layer is overwhelmed. The formism on the fingertips, seemingly new performance, real old problems, indicating that the "four wind" problem has stubborn repetitability. The formalism on the rectification of the fingertips is the pragmatic movement of the true feelings and the grassroots cadres, which is the inherent requirement to improve the effectiveness of grassroots governance. After concentrating on attack, the formalism on the fingertips is powerful. In special rectification work, various departments have adhered to political guidance, from political understanding and treatment of formalism in the fingertips, the grassroots is really burden, negatively negative; adhere to the actual departure, do this clear, Then stay, prevent "one knife cut"; adhere to the symptoms of the specimen, to create the number of bases, establish a list of lists, on the way, and to promote the establishment of the normal regulatory measures and long-lasting mechanisms of mobile Internet applications. Through cleaning and remediation, all localities generally improve the ideological understanding of the formalism on rectification fingertips, the grassroots cadres unloaded more burden, and some places have taken out specific initiatives of formalism on the fingertips. Formalism bureaucratic claims Non-day cold, reducing the grassroots burden on the root is also not a day. The formalism in the rectification fingertips is obvious, but still needs to consolidate the results of rectification, strengthen normal supervision, and build long-term mechanisms to prevent rebound rebound.

It is necessary to combine in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the facts of the PRC bureaucracy and the important idea of ??network power, and grasp the dialectical relationship of mobile Internet applications to regulate management and long-term development. The burden is reduced, and it is good at promoting the modernization of governance. Only in consolidating and remediation results, it will be able to move this work to move the work in the effort to strengthen the data security of mobile Internet applications.

  The construction of the style is to attack the battle, lasting, it is necessary to take the courage of rolling stone, climb the ridge, deepen the rectification, see the effect, and insist on grasp, grasp the fine, long, and persevere.

Carrying forward the nail nail, to the bottom of the remediation formalism, the endless, for a long time, it will further stimulate the entrepreneurship of the majority of grassroots cadres, and act as the strength and vitality of "14th Five-Year Plan" Stepping provides a powerful guarantee.

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