The city has solidly advances carbon-carbon carbon in carbon.

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The city has solidly advances carbon-carbon carbon in carbon.

According to Ye Chenyang, Ye Chenyang recently, Taizhou’s first carbon emission quota pledge loan was held in Tiantai County. The county agricultural municipality found the carbon emission quota assets of Hongshiang Group Co Ltd, the county farm business office, which is 5 million yuan, annual loan interest rate. %, Effectively converting corporate carbon emissions quota assets into green low-carbon development funds. Since this year, in order to promote carbon decoction carbon, the local legal banking agency actively innovates financial product services, vigorously cultivates green franchise agencies, and continuously enhances green credit capacity.

As of the end of the third quarter, more than 10 products were launched in all walks of life; more than 100 million yuan in green loans, the year-on-year increase, and green loans accounted for a percentage point in the beginning of the year.

"Promoting carbon-backed carbon and work is to force the resource environment constraint outstanding problem, and the inevitable choice for sustainable development is also a major opportunity to promote the speed of transformation of Taizhou.

Yang Changguo, deputy director of the Office of the Office of the City Carbon Carbon Middle and Work Leading Group.

At present, Taizhou is focused on key focus, comprehensive and accurate efforts, solid steadily promotes "double carbon" work, and unwavering the high-quality development path of ecological priority and green low carbon. Not long ago, the relevant departments of the city fully combined the eight high-energy industries and data centers such as the total energy consumption of 5,000 tons of standard coal and more than 1,000 standard coal from the year since 2018, the "two high" "Project, co-discharge has been built, planned, 76" two high "projects, and classify disposal.

At the same time, strict implementation of the industrial structure adjustment "four all" requirements, from April, the new industrial project in our city strictly implemented the access standards for the provincial industrial added value of 100,000 yuan. Since September 28th, strictly follow the orderly power execution procedures, adhere to the "three to four inconsistent", and achieve the "five guarantees" requirements.

Promote low-carbon efficient development of the industry, need to speed up the new generation of information technology strategic layouts such as artificial intelligence, industrial Internet, 5G, and build a new ecology of digital economic industries. At the moment, in the road and bridge, the local authorities are adhering to the digital empowerment, speed up the construction of "four driving carriages" – Taizhou industrial Internet service platform, Luqiao Industry New Zhizhi Center, "Enterprise Service Express" version, the province’s machine tool industry industry The brain, gathering "Industrial" first demonstration zone; relying on the basic advantages of regional metal resources renewable industries, accelerate construction "upgraded version" Taizhou metal resource renewal industry base, which can save energy more than 1.5 million tons of coal per year.

Taizhou light resources are abundant, and the development of roof distributed photovoltaic project is huge. At the area of ??the Town of Town, Qingguang, Qinggang, Zhejiang, Zhejiang (Zhejiang) Energy Development Co., Ltd. After the project is used, it will form a new model of "upper power generation, lower fish", realizing the annual power generation volume of about billion degrees, saving about about 10,000 tons of standard coal per year, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 110,000 tons. At present, the city of Yuhuan, Tiantai, Xianju, and three doors have been included in the national-level county (city, district) roof distributed photovoltaic development pilot list. In the next few years, these counties (cities) will accelerate the development and construction of local roof distributed photovoltaic projects, in the field of industrial buildings, commercial roofs, public roofs, rural residents, and coordinate new energy development applications and energy conservation and emission reduction.

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