Realism’s "true" and "pseudo"

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Realism’s "true" and "pseudo"

In the survey, please wait.For a long time, no response, please refresh this page Author: Jiang Fei today, some writers think that as long as you write a realistic subject, you must be a genuine realistic work, it seems to be from "Mao", not far from the classics..This makes people have to ask: Is there a realistic literature?Answer: Nothing.

  In my opinion, realism is a kind of creative principle, a combination of a creative method, and a realistic subject, which is undoubtedly more than the weight and depth of realities, and the two are completed, but the work of not writing a realistic subject is realist literature.Just as Lu Xun criticized "Revolutionary Literature" when Lu Xun said: "I thought that the fundamental question is in the author, but if it is written, what is the material, that is, ‘revolutionLiterature ‘. From the fountain, it is water, which is blood from the blood vessel.

"Lu Xun’s realism is different from Mao Dun’s realism. Barzac’s realism is different from Kafka realism. It can be seen, what is the most important thing is not written, but the writer understands the reality, and how to express reality This determines the "true" and "pseudo" of realism.

  Edgar Moline and Anabrgite Kane distinguishes two different realism in the book "Earth · Motherland": one is not against reality, and adapts to it; one is to pay attention to reality, To change it.

For realistic compromises, yield, not real realism. "Pseudo-realism" is often just a low-level imitation of reality, lost the writer’s will, and lost the value of literature. "Pay attention to reality, in order to change it", I thought it was the "true realism" of our realistic subject literary creation should insist.

In the words of Roland Bart, real life has always present three faces: true, imagery and writing, novels as a special writing form, it is not "real life", Instead, "life is life."

Realism can not be used as a way to describe reality, close to true creative methods, should not only be satisfied with realistic transfusion of reality, and should not be there there there to become some vulgar, vulgar, vulgar, excuses of "realism writing" And should be an attitude and position of the world.

Literature should have a criticism and transcendence of reality, that is, real realism is to expose and criticize the darkness, but also focus on the exploration of humanity, humanity, humanity communication, to show an ideal Value and human feelings.

In other words, "realism" actually puts a very high demand for writers, requiring writers to reveal and criticize unreasonable and unfair phenomena, thus highlighting the value ruler of writers and is not judged to reality. Not staying on a simple moral level. Such writers can be called realist writers, such a literature can be called realistism, such a realistic agency literary work has a relatively high spiritual height and cultural connotation.

  In the current realistic subject character creation, there are many realist literary works.

For example, the novel "Find a happiness" in the topic of the poverty ("Qingming" ("Qingming" 2020, the third) Li Chaoyang’s heart, with the precise help of emotional people, so that Wang Songbing and Xingfu Village have got a change in the replacement of the bones, truly embarrassed the way of happiness.

The novel has passed the new and old contrast, and the new changes in the new era rural areas, especially the changes in people’s spiritual life, full of realism and optimism.

For example, the novel "Aihe Husband City" ("Guangzhou Literature" 2020, 4th), the novel is ingenious to put the story of men and women love the entanglement, laying a woman in the background of life and death, the new crown pneumonia epidemic, wrote a woman Self-lost and personality resurrection, also side performance and singing a tough behind the first-line medical staff (especially women), and the personal love hate is a big love, forgiveness and salvation.

Although there may be excessive coincidences on the setting of the plot, in general, the novel is in place on the changes in character emotional thinking and depth, which is very in place in many details, is an excellent anti-anti-realism The book of the epidemic is also a book of the soul of an immortal.

  It should be noted that the logic of literary art is not equal to the logic of real life, but this does not indicate that writers can "change" in their works, refer to deer to be horses or shake their suit.

In other words, the reality of literature is not the reality of life, nor is it a reality of one-dimensional oriental imagination. It is the realistic reality of "people-centered" and is the reality of art logic and soul logic.

  An era has a reality of an era, an era has a realism.

The reality is always flowing. Literature is always flowing. Literature will never simply imitate reality, reflect reality, but find reality, and create reality, this discovery and creation is largely reflected in writers to art form. Discover and create, and this is just ignored by the "subject determiners" of superstitious content.

Obviously, in terms of narrative effect, traditional realism has complied with the linear logic of life itself due to excessive pursuit of realistic imitation, which is too calm and rigid, lacking the joyfulness of modern people, also It is difficult to consistent with the current multi-change social life and readers’ reading psychology.

In this sense, true realism, not only presenting the critical and humanisticness of the content of the work, but also requires the form of exploratory and contribution, but cannot be so promised to stand, hug, and self-advertising is "realism The persistence of persistence.

  In short, the work of writing a reality is not necessarily a realistic literature. Realism has a true impact, hypocritical realism is obedient, blush or shadowing of material reality, is the grassland in the realist literary garden, it is Differentiate and be vigilant.

Real realism is the critique of social reality and the observation of human spiritual reality. It is humanistic care as a basic and important expression position, pays attention to reality, changing reality, and in form innovation reality, creating reality, Exhibit artistic, contemporary and overall grasp of reality. For writers, with its biased reality theme, it is better to enhance your understanding and expression of reality, because of the final analysis, the boundless is not realism, but the heart of the great writer! (Jiang Fei).

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