Specialized integration intensive landing state-owned state-owned enterprise optimization layout path clear

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Specialized integration intensive landing state-owned state-owned enterprise optimization layout path clear

China Iron Group and China Chengtong Holding Group Co., Ltd. logistics section specialized integration is approved, and the "National Team" in the field of logistics is finally available. This year is the year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", and the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, the maintenance path of state-owned state-owned enterprises layout has become clear and specialized.

The State-owned Assets Supervision Committee said that the next step is to speed up the optimization and structural adjustment of state-owned economic layout, deepen the strategic restructuring and specialization of key fields.

Industry experts believe that the optimization adjustment of future state-owned departure structures has a large space, strategic resources and other key areas and restructuring integration. On the evening of November 29, China’s iron, national shares, Hua International Logistics, and Sino-Situch stock collective announcement said that the State-based Ascension Commission studied and reported to approval of the State Council and agreed to implement specialized integration of China’s Iron and China Chengtong Group logistics sector. The China Iron Group is renamed the new group after the integrated group. The new group was fulfilled by the State-owned Assets Committee of the State-owned Assets and Assessment of the State Council, and the China Materials Storage and Transportation Group Co., Ltd. held by China Chengtong Group and the company, Hong Kong China Trade and Trade International Logistics Co., Ltd., China Logistics Co., Ltd., China Packaging Co., Ltd. According to the data, China’s iron is known as the "General Logistics Department" of China Railway, Main Rail Transit Industry Comprehensive Services and Modern Logistics Comprehensive Services, involving railway oil, orbit, equipment, iron construction, industry, logistics, international and related Multi-domain.

On April 29, 2016, the State-owned Assets Supervision of China decided that China’s iron, China’s iron, was honest, and the latter was constructed from the consolidation of the original material distribution enterprises directly under the national material, and the integrated logistics service is one of its physical services. . At the same time, as the first state-owned asset management company pilot enterprise, China Chengtong has reorganized a number of central enterprises with the management of hosting and state-owned property rights, and is considered to have better business integration and strong integration capabilities. "The 19th National Congress of the Party has clearly launched the logistics infrastructure and railway, road, water transport, aviation, power grid, etc.

Through professional integration, there is a state-owned asset, travel towards specialized management, and enhance the dominance of state-owned economies in the industrial chain. "Zhou Lisa, the study of China’s Modern State-owned Enterprise Research Institute, said in an interview with the" Economic Report "reporter, the advancement of digital transformation requires the gradual standardization and integration of state-owned logistics capital. Liu Xingguo, a research firm of China Enterprise Federation, believes that the current logistics After the business is scattered, specialized, it can significantly improve assets, resource allocation efficiency, thus ultimately improve financial performance.

At the same time, it is better to make better planning technology research and development, thereby significantly enhance the technical research and development capabilities of business sectors, accelerating key technical breakthroughs in business sectors, and strengthen technical advantages in professional fields. In addition, specialization has significantly improved industry concentration, strengthens the comprehensive strength of industry leading enterprises.

Member of the Party Committee of the State Administration of State, Weng Jiesimin pointed out in the investigation of China’s iron and China sincere logistics section, China Iron and China Chengxing logistics section and other enterprises are an important force in the central logistics enterprises, and shoulder the construction of modern circulation. An important mission of the system.

It is necessary to focus on the "14th Five-Year Plan" planning vision, speed up the internal integration of integration and innovation, and establish an industrial system that is in line with its own characteristics and competitiveness; focusing on the modern enterprise system of Chinese characteristics, actively exploring the introduction of strategy, optimizing corporate governance Mechanism, for enterprise transformation and development assistance; focusing smooth and orderly working overall situation, doing steady stock, doing real increment, ensuring successful completion of the annual business goal; focusing vitality, truthfully grasping the reform, and striving to cultivate the formation of full reflection First-class enterprises with efficiency efficiency provide strong support to create a modern logistics system. The "National Team" in the field is not an example. Sinochem Group and China Chemical Consolidation, China Electroopter recombinantly China Putian, Angang Bounded steel strong joint, China Wishimi Group and State Grid Sub-enterprises Implementation … This year, state-owned capital layout has accelerated optimization, restructuring and strong promotion .

"In the reorganization mode, there is only strong combined strategic reorganization, and there is also an advantageous industrial chain integration, as well as specialized split integration of similar business. Several group of central enterprises acquired this year, specialized integration The characteristics are more prominent.

"Liu Xingguo said that the optimization adjustment of the lading structure of state-owned enterprises in the future is also very space, and the M & A restructuring will continue to deepen the advancement, and the professional integration may still be the main way of state-owned enterprise mergers and acquisitions.

Related Trends Say from a series of meetings of the State-owned Assets Supervision Commission.

The reporter learned from the State-owned Assembly, November 30 that November 27th to 29th, the State-owned Assets Supervision Party Committee held the theoretical study center group collective study and the office cadre training class. Everyone considers to focus on strong main business, strong industry, strong industry Accelerate state-owned economic layout optimization and structural adjustment, deepen strategic restructuring and professional integration of key fields, and consolidate the roots of strength. The professional and integrated specialization of state-owned enterprises in September 28th emphasized that the next step, the professional integration should play a bigger role in building a new development pattern.

It is necessary to force transverse integration to exert a resource optimization configuration effect, including the creation of advantageous enterprises into a professional integration platform; force longitudinal integration and play an industrial chain drive effect. For example, conditional advantageous companies can form a modern industrial chain "chain length" by longitudinal integration. At the central enterprise structure adjustment and restructuring of August 25, Weng Jieming said that the advanced manufacturing industry and technology innovation will be focused in the second half of the year, in the output of electricity equipment, modern logistics, strategic resources, food reserves, sea industries Equipment and other fields vigorously promote central enterprise restructuring and specializing.

In addition to central enterprises, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Assets Supervisor requires local state-owned enterprises to implement integration, eliminate disorderly competition within the region, cultivate the pillar industry that is fitted with local development positioning. The "14th Five-Year Plan" development path of "145" in many countries is getting clearer.

Recently, the Hunan Provincial State-owned Enterprise Committee issued the "National Development Plan" of Hunan Province, "Development Plan", requiring optimization of layout structure adjustment, focusing on high quality and efficiency, vigorously promoting energy, transportation, tourism, medical, environmental protection and other strategic Recombination, specialized integration.

"The Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan" of the provincial enterprises in Yunnan Province has proposed, adjust the layout structure, and accelerate the construction of industrial systems.

Promote strategic reorganization specialization.

"The" 14th Five-Year Plan "of the National People-owned Enterprise Reform and Development of Zhejiang Province also clearly expanded its new expansion.

Implement a group of open marketization restructuring, professional integration, national industrial industrial agglomeration and industry chain high-end layout efforts are further improved.

The State-owned Assets Supervision Committee emphasizes that specializing in the main line is the main line, and it is necessary to prevent blindness, focus on preventing risks, and earnestly maintain market fair competition. (Wang Wei) Editor: Zhang Jingwen.

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