The owner drawn rope isolates the public parking space encounters the road to discourage the death of the court.

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The owner drawn rope isolates the public parking space encounters the road to discourage the death of the court.

The shop owner lanyard isolates the public parking space, and the enthusiastic passers-by before the civilization discouraged, and the owner suddenly died.

Recently, Nanyang City Wancheng District Court broke the case, the judge said, let the righteousness are no worries! Case: Nanyang City pays a shop in a first and middle school gate, many students and parents stop in shop in shop On the public parking space in front of the door, Fu Xueda believes that it affects his family’s business, and uses a rope on the tree and isolates the public parking space in front of the store.

At noon on January 5, 2021, a student drilled through the rope and parked the electric vehicle in the parking space.

After paying, I saw a dispute with the students. Li Yun, the staff of the Nanyang Municipal Administration Road Parking Supervision Center, just passing by professional habits and personal enthusiasm, first inquiry and deduct it. FEO Fan Fan also persuaded, Li Mou turned, Fan turned to find that the husband fell to the ground, and quickly dial 120 and 110. Fu was sent to the doctor and rescued invalid death. The next day, the police inquire about Li Yun asked, and Li Yun learned to die.

Fan was inquiring the transcript of his husband to pay for a birthplace, but it has been very stable in recent years.

After the incident, Fu family will vote from Li Yun to the court, and ask Li Yun’s compensation fee and death compensation, etc.

The judgment: After the court’s trial, Li Yun as a staff member of the municipal management office, inquiring and persuade the behavior of a must not exceed the necessary limit, belonging to the guidance of the public interest, it should be supported and encouraged. Inquiring the behavior itself does not cause a death, and paying itself suffering from congenital hypertension, in the absence of self-emotion, sudden death is unfortunately dying, there is no legal relationship between the two Causal relationship. Secondly, Li Yun did not know paying for payment, and did not know the parking student. It could not know that paying a history of hypertension, there is no harm, and Li Yun is not aware of the accident and falls. Inverted, there is no delay in the loss of treatment. Therefore, Li Yun has no foreseeable death, there is no obnence or slack, and there is no fault. The police asked the transcript display, and the two sides were recognized without limb conflicts, and the communication is sent to the emotional excitement.

The evidence provided by the plaintiff is consistent with the transcript statement, further confirming that the payment of Li Yunyun will fall. Therefore, the police’s inquiry transcript should be the basic basis for the facts of the case.

In summary, the court decision, dismissed the plaintiff’s claim, and the case acceptance fee was burdened by the plaintiff. At present, the two sides of the case have not appealed and the judgment has taken effect. Judge: The case of the case, the civil trial of the civil trial of the Wancheng District, Liu Linyu, said that the accident died in this case is reliable, but according to this judgment, Li Yun is responsible, it is not conducive to the development of judicial referee in social management. The standard, evaluation, education and leading function will reduce legal credibility.

Li Yun’s discourse is legitimate. It is a consciously safeguarding social public order and public interest, and practices the positive performance of socialist spiritual civilization. It is also the responsibility and obligation of every citizen. It should be encouraged and advocated. Have worry. Representative Review: The Provincial People’s Congress represents Ding Ximei praise the case’s referee. He said that if Li Mou is responsible for the death of the death, it will ban the enthusiasm of the public to maintain public interests according to law, and our society advocated The core value of theoretics is in turn. At the same time as the court referee, the court must be a strong backing of the legitimate rights and interests, especially the public interest, and the responsibility of leading the people’s value and promoting social energy, the referee of this case fully reflects this.

(Reporter Zhou Qingsha).

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