The first Guangzhou CIM Forum and the 4th Guangzhou BIM Forum were held

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The first Guangzhou CIM Forum and the 4th Guangzhou BIM Forum were held

  On July 27th, the first Guangzhou CIM Forum and the 4th Guangzhou BIM Forum of Guangzhou CIM Forum and the 4th Guangzhou BIM Forum were held in Guangzhou. (CIM means urban information model, BIM refers to building information model) Guangzhou City Information Model (CIM) Joint Meeting Member, Guangzhou City, District Holds Institute of Construction Department, and research institutions, development, design, construction, supervision, Engineering technology and management personnel in consultation, construction drawings and other units participate in the forum. The conference site. At Xinhua Network, Guangdong Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, member, chief engineer Chen Tianyi, deputy director of Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development, delivered a speech, deputy director of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Information Center, Housing and Construction Department City medical examination expert Chen Shunqing, Committee, Chen Shunqing, Chief Expert of China Construction Group Co., Ltd. Li Yungui three experts as the subject report. The General Assembly released the Guangzhou CIM platform.

It is understood that the platform is leading the design, construction, completion of BIM-related standards, built a unified scene and platform for linkage work construction reform and smart city construction, based on GIS, government information, Internet of Things data, three-dimensional model, BIM model, etc. The aggregation of source data is interoperable, forming a smart data asset of multi-application. The core application of the platform has three-dimensional model and information complete integration, visual analysis, simulation simulation, AI auxiliary review, etc., which is conducive to improving the refined management level of smart cities and construction projects.

  It is reported that Guangzhou will conduct a pilot work of the CIM platform project in the new city construction demonstration and intelligent construction industrial park project in Pazhou, design capital, and continuously strengthen the support capabilities of the CIM base platform, improve the information resource sharing system, and Can build a new city.

  At the meeting, Ding Li, Director of the Science and Technology Design Department of Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, announced the first batch of BIM forwarding design demonstration project review results. The first group of 14 items selected for the 7 units were BIM forward to design demonstration projects. Subsequent, the Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau will carry out the second batch of BIM positive design demonstration project selection.

  The relevant person in charge of Guangzhou Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau said that the General Assembly opened new ideas for the new infrastructure and new city of Guangzhou City, will further promote new technologies such as BIM and CIM and new city construction projects to invest new kinetic energy for urban development. Inspire digital new infrastructure development enthusiasm, cultivate incubation of smart ecological industries, and promote the high quality development of Guangzhou, realize the "old city new vitality".

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