Quickly set off the spring plowing creatures Heilongjiang Province to ensure that all the crops are broadcast in the event

3月 30, 2022 品茶

Quickly set off the spring plowing creatures Heilongjiang Province to ensure that all the crops are broadcast in the event

Original title: Our province ensures that all crops are made into a high-yield period.

On the 20th, the Spring Farming Production site in Heilongjiang Province will be held in Beilin District, Suihua City.

The meeting proposed that according to the overall requirements of "anti-disaster, grab the agriculture, the standard, the preservation of spring seeds, and the whole seedlings", and strive to implement the measures of spring farming production, quickly set off a climax of spring farming production, ensuring increased sowing area, ensuring standard quality Not reduced, ensuring that all crops are broadcast all overcome.

The meeting requires that it is necessary to press the right responsibility to ensure the increase in the area, conscientiously implement the "non-agriculturality" of cultivated land, prevent "non-food" requirements, strive to save the amount, amplification, and actively explore the potential of existing cultivated land. Implementing support policies, reasonably arranges planting structure, moderately increases corn area, and strives to reach around 90 million mu. Actively develop rice area, to reach 60 million mu.

Stable soybean area is around 60 million mu.

Implement the Northeast Black Land Protection Tillage Action Plan to ensure that this spring straw cover is exempt from less than 23 million mu. Promoting scientific disaster relief, seeding, and implemented measures against anti-prevention and booming in terms of local conditions. Focus on the promotion of the heat-saving, the raw card, the germination, seedling transplanting, etc., ensuring that not misunderstanding. Strengthen guidance services, improve the quality and sowing quality. It is necessary to be dominated by green development, transform the way agricultural development, and hit "cold land, green organic" advantage. Continue to expand green organic production, this year, the province’s green, organic food, food certification area, 79.2 million mu and 8.8 million mu.

Continue to build a modern farming system, to complete 12.2 million mu of cultivated land-style pilots and 500,000 acres of rice recycling pilot tasks.

The meeting emphasized that "Tibetan grains in the ground, Tibetan grain in the technology" strategy, hit the seed industry to turn over, focus on the high starch corn, more than 350 pounds, more than 350 pounds, high oil, high protein High quality anti-rice of soybeans and good premises.

Protect the "Giant Panda in the Cultivated Land", accelerate the construction of high standard farmland, release the potential of 100 billion pounds, and implement the high-standard farmland construction task of 10.1 million mu. Focus on improving standardization levels and promoting good-breeds of good law. Develop moderate scale operations, the province’s scale management area should reach hundreds of acres, of which the entire managed service area has reached more than 20 million mu. The meeting pointed out that we must strengthen the organization leadership, all localities and relevant departments must conscientiously implement the party and government parties, and put spring farming as the current agricultural countryside to overwrow all tasks.

Agricultural rural departments at all levels must shoulder the subject’s responsibility, strengthen the scheduling and technical guidance of food production, and ensure that the tasks of various tasks are implemented.

Strengthen coordination and cooperation, the agricultural departments must conscientiously fulfill their respective responsibilities, strengthen cooperative cooperation, and form working together.

It is necessary to scientifically, and steadily promote the production recovery of pigs, protect the health of the people and livestock breeding.

It is necessary to improve the quality of spring and summer seedlings, let the people eat with confidence, safety dishes.

We must earnestly do a good job in farmers ‘income work and continuously broaden farmers’ income channels. Grasping high standard farmland construction, human residential environment rectification, agricultural and agricultural product processing projects, etc., promote comprehensive development of agricultural rural economy.

During the meeting, participants observed the land of the North Forest area, rice seedlings, seed industry innovation, dry field sowing, dry fields, etc.

Suihua City, Beida Wilderness Group, Gannan County, Nenjiang City, Fujin City, and Shuangcheng District have an experience exchange from different sides.

(Reporter Zhou Jing) (Question: Zhang Qi, Zhao Yi).

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