Shanxi Province increased investment support to return home to start a business

3月 28, 2022 品茶

Shanxi Province increased investment support to return home to start a business

On November 28, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Finance that since 2020, the province has promoted the entrepreneurship of returning home, and the provincial finance has been supported by the implementation of central policies, increase fund investment, and creates vitality of the creation of social innovation. Accelerate the revitalization of rural villages, promote urbanization construction and urban and rural integration development, stabilize and expand employment, play a positive role.

Actively implement tax reduction policies. 2020 tax tax is reduced by 7.57 million yuan, and the tax cut is 2.96 million yuan before 7 months.

The provincial finance will continue to pay attention to the implementation of relevant policies, ensuring that the tax preferential policies are in place, so that the market entity should enjoy.

Increase bond arrangements. Our province’s active reserves return home into the country entrepreneurial industrial park, 43 demonstration park construction projects, the organization declared special bond demand 11.7 billion yuan, and 17 projects have been arranged for special bonds. Arrange the issuance of government bonds, used in the three major sectors of tourism roads and Jinyang, the Shuishi Expressway and the 4-provincial government.

Promote entrepreneurial loans. Our province has increased from 150,000 yuan from the previous 150,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan; Yuan, the longest period of up to 3 years. As of the end of September this year, the province issued a total of entrepreneurial guarantee loans, provincial and cities and counties payded by 14.86 million yuan.

Improve the support policy. Our province has issued the central and provincial employment subsidies fund billions, used to support the employment entrepreneurship of college graduates, poor labor, employment difficult personnel, retired soldiers, etc. Decades of 100 million yuan, implement 22 specific initiatives of "everyone’s certification, skills society"; set up provincial entrepreneurship guarantee funds, accumulating the collection of billions of money, benefiting 5682 households, and the average zoom in social investment is doubled. (Reporter Ren Zhixia) (Editor: Duan Siqi, Zhao Fang) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

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