The national business and commerce jointly launched a special investigation to investigate Xu Da Zhe Mei Ming and Xu Lejiang

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The national business and commerce jointly launched a special investigation to investigate Xu Da Zhe Mei Ming and Xu Lejiang

Original title: National Industry and Commerce, Xiangxiang, a special investigation Executive Vice Chairman Xu Lejiang led the national industrial and commercial joint adjustment group to Hunan, and launched a research on "Giving play to enterprise innovation main role in strengthening national strategic science and technology power". During the period, Xu Dazhe, director of the Provincial Party Committee, and Director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress, the Provincial Party Committee, the provincial party committee, the governor Mao Weiming in Changsha and Xu Lejiang. The province leaders Huang Lanxiang, Xie Jianhui, Zhang Jianfei, Zhang Jian attended the investigation or attending the discussion. In the discussion, Xu Dazhe expressed his gratitude to the concerns of Hunan private economic development to the national industry and commerce.

He said that under the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, Hunan has always adhered to "two unhappy", vigorously revitalize the physical economy, continuously accelerating the high-quality development of manufacturing, and continuously increase research and development investment, and strives to do strong enterprises , Cultivate small giants, promote private economy has become an important source of giving birth to new motility and enhance new motivation. At present, we are inuting the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping to inspect the spirit of the important speech of Hunan. The international creative business environment, these are inseparable from the continuous development of private economies. I hope that the National Industry and Commerce will continue to support the development of private economic development in our province, promote more enterprises to increase scientific and technological innovation, and brave in the service national strategy, in promoting rural revitalization, contributing to the construction of modern new Hunan contributed more power. During the Hunan, the research team has repeatedly discussed the relevant government departments, investment financing agencies and entrepreneurs.

Xu Lejiang pointed out in the discussion, in recent years, Hunan’s innovation development is good, breaking through many subversive frontier technology, "card neck" technology and domestic blank technology in technology innovation.

Hunan private enterprises have also achieved significant results in playing innovative subjects and promoting innovation.

With the new round of technology revolution and industrial change, the significance of strengthening national strategic science and technology power. Enterprises are the main body of technology innovation, which is an integral part of the national strategic technology force in the new stage. We have to build a strategic science and technology innovation policy system that facilitates future industrial competitive advantage, play the role of market mechanisms, strengthening scientific and technological innovation, adheres to science and technology, technology strong enterprises, and maintaining innovative development initiative to firmly master in your own hands; The government departments overter optimize the advantages of allocation resources, strengthen the strategic layout in the basic research and frontier field, focus on resolving basic issues and common problems.

I hope that Hunan will continue to support the work of the Industry and Commerce and serve the high quality development of private economies. The research team also examined relevant companies in Changsha. (Editor: Cao Wei, Xie Lei).

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