Today, the world, promote the modernization of brewing industry chains in the development of regional integration

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Today, the world, promote the modernization of brewing industry chains in the development of regional integration

  On October 12th, the 2021 Soviet Development Conference was held in Huai’an, and Jiangsu, the party secretary and chairman of Jiangsu, the chairman of the Board of Directors, pointed out that regional integration has created new opportunities for SuShang Development, and the world will be brewed industry. Concentrate, precisely promote strong links, make up the chain, enlain, radiate and drive the industry chain, enhance the development of interregional industries.

  On October 12, Jiangsu, the party committee secretary and chairman of the Yuanyuan Wine Co., Ltd.

Tan Xin took Zhou Ying said that the establishment of the national strategy of the Yangtze River Triangulation provides a broad space for enterprise development. Huai’an places a new coordinates, focusing on building "green highlands, hub new city", comprehensively builds the city of the Yangtze River Delta, optimizes the economic layout of the hub, and reshapes the prosperous scene of "Magnificent Southeast", ushered in New opportunities in the central city.

This world will grasp the golden development period of the opportunity, the emancipation, the magnification pattern, and liate the responsibility, and the regional integration is developed.

  "It is the company’s core values ??that is practicing in the world.

Zhou Suming said that the world has highlighted the integration of "Yuan Culture" and "Hi Industry", and expand the innovative model of the festive industry as a strong chain. Cut from the festive quotes, accompanied by the gift market, and make a pleasant industry chain.

Plan 2 square kilometers of festive industrial park, set up 1 billion yuan industrial guidance fund, attract platform companies with innovative genes, industry leading well-known festive brand enterprises enter the park, through equity investment, business cooperation, channel sharing, etc., to create a festive experience Production base, build a festive industrial chain cluster, and join hands with "sweet gold mine". "With the continuous expansion of the sales size of this world, we will play its own advantages, integrate upstream hard-hard packaging supporting enterprises, attracting higher enterprises to Lishui investment. Support existing supporting enterprise file upgrade, enhance competition Force. "Zhou Yuming said that to the end of" 14th Five-Year Plan ", it will drive support for industrial chain enterprises to achieve $ 5 billion. The world is also developed to develop local plants, establish a winemaking base, helping the village to revitalize and drive a common prosperity.

Since this year, the planting project of wine original food has been launched, and the "Company + Base + Farmers" has been launched, and there is high quality sorghum, wheat, rice and other orders. The company also invited experts from Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences to conduct technical guidance for soil improvement, variety choice, and field management to help farmers increase income.

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