Take measures to grasp the service and continuously improve the payer satisfaction

Take measures to grasp the service and continuously improve the payer satisfaction

Take measures to grasp the service and continuously improve the payer satisfaction

Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau is safe and meticulous to do a good job in social security and non-tax collection, ensuring smooth and orderly, and preferential policies have fallen. Collaborative co-governing.

With the flexible employee social security payment, it is imposed on the tax department, and the whole risk of social security is achieved, and the whole group is levied by the tax department. In order to continuously improve the level of payment service, the Tianjin Port Bonded Area Taxation Bureau firmly establishes the tax and fees, with a smooth collection, standard payment, and actively strengthen the cooperation with the district and civil society, the district society, the district medical policy center and other departments , Stably complete the collection work. Summary experience is promoted.

After successfully completing the social security cost of the flexible employment personnel, the bureau is fully affiliated with the non-labor service institution in the bonded area, and the operation experience, continuous summing up work experience, find problems and risk points, combined with flexible Employment payment group social security fee collection characteristics, improve collection service method; for flexible employees universal age, software operation acceptance capacity, unpaid payment, etc. "Public number promotion.

Mobile taxation channel. Actively implement the "online office, palm office", guide the payer to use "Tianjin Tax", WeChat, Alipay and other convenience payment methods, flexible employee social security online payment rate increased from the initial 93% to 100%, urban and rural residents, two insurance online payment The rate is increased by 89% to%, and it is easy to reduce the burden of payers. Fine service is effective. In order to do a fine-time publicity and counseling, the bureau coordinated the Social Security Association Center to jointly establish the "Fast Anti-Working Group for Payment Problem" and collaborate to address the various problems encountered in the process of solving the payment process, improve the response speed, and optimize the workflow.

The Working Group has set up a problem for more than 100 payers since its establishment in August, and it has highlighted the tax service for paying practical things, and constantly enhances the satisfaction and feelings of payer.

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The Liaoning Provincial Fire Rescue Corps held the fourth issue of the Fourth Phase of Fire Rescue Team in the province "Party history"

The Liaoning Provincial Fire Rescue Corps held the fourth issue of the Fourth Phase of Fire Rescue Team in the province "Party history"

On the morning of May 19, the Liaoning Provincial Fire Rescue Corps held its fourth "Party History Lecture Hall". The team participated in the main venue, and all the brigade, the brigade, and the fire station were involved in the division of the party.

Deputy Director of the Party Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Professor Zhang Ming took the title of "reform and opening up to promote the rich country", from the "Great Historical Transfer and the Creation of the Socialism of Chinese Characteristics, the New Stage of Reform and Opening and Opening" and Two Socialism with Chinese Characteristics 21 At the end, building a well-off society in an all-round way and pushing Chinese characteristic socialism, told the great historical footprint from the Chinese nation from standing to rich, clarifying the historical significance of reform and opening up.

For comprehensive understanding of the history of reform and opening up, the Chinese Characteristic Socialism is "good", and the socialism of China’s Communist Party is "good" and Marxism.

The meeting requests that the province’s fire rescue team party organizations must focus on the target requirements, relying on the red resources of the station, use the advanced models around the world, and carry out the "Forever and the Party" and the party will do the regulations to do in place. Let the self-selected action have characteristics. To ensure that it goes deep, it is necessary to repeatedly study 4 this designated book, continue to fight the theoretical basis, through the theoretical learning center group learning, special discussion, cadre education training, self-study, etc., systematically, and accurate learning to master the party history. It is necessary to promote the implementation of the land, and carry out the practice of "I do practical things for the masses", pull the list, the account sales number, pay close attention to the implementation, do practical things, good things, and actively divert the mainstream media, increase the promotion. Let the Party history education continue to increase the temperature rise. (Editor: Yin Baihan, Don Long).

Tian Jiabing Memorial Hall in Dapu County, Meizhou City

Tian Jiabing Memorial Hall in Dapu County, Meizhou City

  In order to remember Mr. Tian Jiabing, promote the charity spirit of Tian Jiabing. Yesterday, Tian Jiabing Memorial Hall was held in Yintan Village, Gaoyu Town, Dapu County, Meizhou City.

  It is reported that Tian Jiabing Memorial has laid the foundation in the foundation of the 200th anniversary of Dr. Tian Jiabing, 2019, completed construction in May this year, completed the exhibition in July, by the National People’s Congress, Tai Po, Dangdao Xianxian, Dun Zhenlong, a generous donation of more than 1 million yuan. The exhibition area is divided into prelude, the children of Hakka, the heart of the Hakka, the Yangtze France, the high wind, the Huaxia Star, the left, the end of the Qianqiu, the tail hall, and "Dr. Tian Jiabing Great and legendary life. Deng Zhenlong said: "Mr. Tian Jiabing is a predecessor I admired, the sages, the life tutor of my hard work, hard work, has always been an example of my study.

"Dr. Tian Jiabing is a famous big charitable home, entrepreneur, educator, is a global giant giant.

He is committed to public welfare, donating huge payments to support the education, health and transportation of the motherland, especially the hometown Tai Po, is known as the "father of China."

(All media reporter Chen Jiayuan correspondent Liu Zhisheng).

The first half of Shijiazhuang 340 key projects completed an investment of 61.5 billion

The first half of Shijiazhuang 340 key projects completed an investment of 61.5 billion

  The first half of 340 key projects completed an investment of 61.5 billion yuan Qi Cheng recently exceeded the annual plan, the city informed the 2019 key construction projects 1–6 completed in March, the end of June, 340 key projects completed a total investment of 61.5 billion yuan, accounting for 74% of the annual plan.

  Among them, 100 planned projects, the CSPC drug raw material production center, Qin Yue new energy equipment and other 77 projects under construction, completed an investment billion yuan, accounting for annual investment plan%; 120 construction projects completed an investment of one hundred million yuan, accounting for annual investment plan%, Hebei Germany and Macao new energy vehicle motor base, Hebei Sheng Hang environmental protection special vehicles, Hebei wins Czech business intelligence integrated logistics park, seven projects have been completed or partially completed; 120 pre-projects, deer Springs area Junlebao infant milk powder production lines, six projects have been under construction in advance, investment billion. From the completion of the investment situation, the top five are: luquan district (million), High-tech Zone (million), gaocheng district (million), luancheng district (million), Zhengding County (million); after five are: cycle Chemical Industry Park (million), Shenze (million), Zanhuang (million), Lingshou (million), Zhaoxian (1.5 billion yuan). From the investment completion rate situation, the top five are: gaocheng district (%), west zone (%), Chang’an District and Yuhua district (%), Xinhua District (%); after five is: Pingshan (61%), Promise County (%), high-tech zones (65%), Shenze (71%), luancheng district (%). This year, key projects were in urgent need of 12089 acres of land, as of the end of June, a total of 3005 acres of land according to the law, the rate for completion%.

The top five are: County line (%), gaocheng district (100%), Jinzhou City (%), Zhaoxian (%), cycle Chemical Industry Park (%), Pingshan County, Yuanshi County, Jingxing mining , Gao Yi County and Zanhuang for the land was zero.

  It is understood that this year the city city a total of 340 key construction projects, total investment billion yuan, annual plans to invest billion. Among them, 100 planned projects, with a total investment billion yuan, annual plans to invest billion; 120 construction projects, total investment of 225.6 billion yuan, annual plans to invest billion; pre-project 120, a total investment billion. In terms of "4 + 4" Modern industrial projects, the end of June, the city’s total warehousing million over the "4 + 4" Modern industrial projects 692, an increase of 65 from last month, with a total investment billion annual investment plan billion. Among them, 168 planned projects, with a total investment billion yuan, annual plans to invest billion; 214 construction projects, total investment billion yuan, annual plans to invest billion; pre-project 310, a total investment billion.

  As of the end of June, 692 "4 + 4" Modern industrial projects completed a total investment billion yuan, accounting for 70% of the annual plan.

Among them, 168 projects already planned 107 projects under construction, completed an investment of 20.6 billion yuan, accounting for% of the annual investment plans; 214 construction projects progressing smoothly, completed an investment billion yuan, accounting% of the annual investment plan, Shijiazhuang commodity distribution center city, Hebei Rui Teng new energy vehicles, Hebei Wo-Run biological pesticides and other 10 projects have been completed or partially completed; 310 pre-project has seven projects under construction in advance, investment billion yuan, the other projects formalities are actively in the running to do. From the number of storage look more they are: high-tech zone (65), gaocheng district (50), luquan district (38), Zhaoxian (37), Zhengding (35); less is: Promise County (20), Zanhuang County and Yuanshi County (22), Chang’an District, west district, Xinhua District, Yuhua District and Jingxing (23).

  From the total investment in projects under construction to see, the top five are: Pingshan (43.4 billion yuan), Yuhua District (43.1 billion yuan), west zone (million), Xinhua District (million), gaocheng district (Billion yuan); after five is: Zanhuang (million), Xingtang (million), cycling Chemical Industry Park (million), Gao Yi County (million), Shenze (million). (Reporter Wu Wen).

Tianjin Customs strictly defends the national door safety declined 1099 tons "foreign garbage"

Tianjin Customs strictly defends the national door safety declined 1099 tons "foreign garbage"

Original title: 1099 tons "foreign garbage" recently, under the on-site supervision of the Customs of Tianjin Dongjiang, 1099 tons from importing "foreign garbage" iron slag in Tianjin Port Pacific Pier was shipped. It is understood that the batch of goods is over-term unknown imported goods, and the bilok declaration is known as "gold concentrate".

After the goods arrived in Hong Kong, the importers did not declare to the customs for more than three months, and the importers were unknown. According to the relevant regulations, the consignee of imported goods has not been declared to the customs for more than three months, and the importer is unknown. The imported goods are extracted by the customs and selling according to law; the third-party inspection must be entrusted before extracting the sale, and the goods that are unqualified are ordered. Return.

The Dongjiang Customs determines that the batch of goods is suspected of solid waste according to the design of the Bank’s listing and the retention of the goods, and then contacts professional institutions for sampling identification. According to the results of the identification, the goods are actually iron slag, which is prohibited from importing solid waste. According to the relevant regulations, in the case of unknown importers, Dongjiang Customs issued the carrier to order the notice of the decline in the deposit period, and the solid waste will be returned to the country. (Reporter Ma Ming correspondent Ji Pengju) (Editor: Tang Xinyi, Zhang Jingqi) Share more people to see.

Tibet Daqing Preparatory Activity Ready Central Delegation will give gifts

Tibet Daqing Preparatory Activity Ready Central Delegation will give gifts

Lhasa September 5 (Reporter Wang Jun) reporter learned from the 50th anniversary of the Tibet Autonomous Region held on the 5th, it was learned that the current celebration of Tibet Daqing celebration is ready, and the Central Delegation will go to Tibet. A series of celebrations and give gifts to the people of Tibet.

  This year is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet Autonomous Region, in order to express the gratitude of the party’s cordial care and the people of the party to the people of the party, show the establishment of Tibet Autonomous Region, the party leaders the people of the Tibetan people to conduct revolution, construction and reform The huge achievements have agreed to the 50th anniversary celebration of the establishment of Tibet Autonomous Region, and the preparatory work has begun to prepare for more than 8 months of conscientious preparations last year.

  Meng Xiaolin, executive deputy director of the party committee propaganda department of Tibet Autonomous Region, said that the central delegation participated in the 50th anniversary of the autonomous region in Tibet, the 50th year of the autonomous region established 50 years of achievement exhibition, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the autonomous region, "China Dream – Snow Mountain Song "And Lalin High-grade Highway Breakfast Ceremony. At the same time, the Central Delegation will also visit members of the Autonomous Region, from the retired old comrades, all walks of life and the representatives of all walks of life; condolences to the religious patriotism and the temple staff, condolences to the restrooms and political and legal police; attend The 50th anniversary of the autonomous region, the party committee and the government work report will be given to the people of the people. Meng Xiaolin said that in order to bring more cadres and masses to celebrate the celebration, the celebration will invite nearly 20,000 cadres and mass representatives from all over the autonomous region to attend the celebration meeting.

  In addition, in order to highlight the celebration of the happy atmosphere, more than 6,000 cadres in Tibet, form 25 square gangs, produce 9 lotus cars, and participate in the celebration.

During the event, CCTV and Tibet TV Tibetan Chinese channel will play the 50th anniversary of the autonomous region "Chinese Dream – Snow Mountain Song". +1.

Shaanxi people’s livelihood in the field of people invested "Tiequist" action results

Shaanxi people’s livelihood in the field of people invested "Tiequist" action results

Original title: Our province’s people’s livelihood, the "Tiequist" action has achieved remarkable this newspaper (Reporter Xu Ying Zhang Queue) September 10th, the Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference, the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau introduced the province to carry out The case of people’s livelihood investigated "Tiequist" action and maintains a good market environment. According to the General Administration of Market Supervision Administration, the province has launched the "Tiequist" action in the province to investigate "Tiequist" action, focus on the key commodities of the people’s lives and health, and close to the key service industry of the masses, and rural and urban and rural engagement The market is sold to the key area of ??counterfeit and shoddy products. The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau clearly requires market supervision departments at all levels to increase law enforcement, and investigate a number of key cases, and severely punish a batch of illegal mains, exposing a group of typical cases. Since the operation, the province’s market supervision system has been investigated as a starting point, and the people’s livelihood appeal shall be effectively solved, respond to social concerns, investigate and deal with a group of typical cases, and have achieved remarkable results.

As of the end of August, the province has jointly investigated 4,859 cases in the field of people, and the case is 10,000 yuan. It has no penalty of 10,000 yuan, and there are 28 cases of public security organs, and 19 people are restricted.

  Our province’s comprehensive card analysis of Shaanxi 12315 command platform, the provision of the provincial ministerial insurance committee, the market supervision public opinion monitoring hotspot and risk points, through the solution to provincial-level relevant departments, inspection agencies and opinions and suggestions, considering the nature of illegal behavior, On the basis of the level of harm and social attention, focus on investigating food safety, product quality, and 9 illegal activities such as "cottage" wine drinks. In the field of people’s livelihood, the "Tiequist" action, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department, the Provincial Department of Commerce, carrying out the price increase of the electricity fee for the transfer of electricity tolls, about 160,000 Small and medium-sized enterprises and individual industrial and commercial industrial households will collect electricity price billions, and they shall be punished according to law; carry out the administrative organ and its subsidiary inspection, supervising the 33 illegal violations. The Provincial Market Supervision Bureau also launched a special rectification action of "protecting the old" advertising, investigating 55 illegal advertising cases, penalty of 10,000 yuan according to law; continuously carrying out special actions for protective products such as illegal production masks, seized unqualified mouths, Milling products tons. Up to now, the Provincial Market Supervision Bureau is divided into two batches of the world’s exposure typical cases, and the whole system has a typical case 228 to the society.

These typical cases are closely related to people’s livelihood, and they are widely concerned by society.

  Next, the provincial market supervision system will focus on the "urgent expensive" problem of the people, and comprehensively increase the efforts of law enforcement inspections and cases, and severely crack down on various illegal violations in people’s livelihood and protect the people’s vital interests.

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Shenzhen Yantian District crack grassroots epidemic prevention problem

Shenzhen Yantian District crack grassroots epidemic prevention problem

Original title: Yantian District cracking the grassroots epidemic prevention problem community community is the first line of the epidemic association, and it is also the most effective line of defense of "external prevention input, internal defense proliferation". With the multi-wheel epidemic, "all sinking, kneeling card mouth" model reveals the fatigue, the problem of lack of grassroots, fatigue operations. How to crack the grassroots epidemic prevention problem? The reporter learned that the Wisdom, the smart epidemic prevention model, the first "Internet + bayonet epidemic prevention" in Shenzhen Yantian District, which is accurately opened from the street decision-making to the first-line epidemic prevention and control. "The last km".

  The reporter walked into the Yansian District Haishan Street Epidemic Prevention and Control Barn, the wisdom scheduling electronic big screen of the "Smart Street" epidemic prevention platform curtains. On the screen, the video screens and related data information of each bayonet of the jurisdiction clearly present in front of the duty personnel.

At the same time, all real-time statistics such as vaccination, unwind mask, temperature measurement and health code detection information, medium and high risk area data, etc. The reporter learned that the concept of Haiyanshan Street in Yantian District seeks science and technology to enguate, explore the construction of "smart block", in the city’s first "Internet + bayonet epidemic prevention" as supported by smart epidemic prevention model, constructs "two-level command dispatch platform + card mouth The smart epidemic prevention network of monitoring equipment + card detection equipment, realizes the two-way real-time interaction, real-time monitoring, value-behind assessment, monitoring warning and command, creating a district, street, community, and bayonets The operation of the intelligent support platform is accurately opened from the street decision command to the "last kilometer" of the first-line epidemic prevention and control. According to reports, Haishan Street sets two-level command dispatch platform in the street and community duty room. The AI ??video camera is installed in 45 community communities, and the detection device is set in 10 key card ports, and the information between platforms and devices is implemented via the Internet. Transfer, effective cracking card mouth is difficult to monitor, leak detection, leak detection, slow transmission, lack of physical constraints, and lack of influence of grassroots epidemic prevention power, improve the level of epidemic prevention level. According to the relevant person in charge of Haishan Street, the community bayonard monitoring and smart dispatching system currently realizes the intelligent value of the community card management, real-time monitoring, command dispatching, and greatly promotes the epidemic prevention of community community through wisdom. Efficacy is reduced. In order to give full play to the role of anti-prevention intelligence dispatching system, Haiyansian street support has established a working mechanism of the two-level smart terminal personnel, online inspection and supervision and rectification of the street community, and strives to achieve the best results of "civil air defense + technical defense". Next, Haishan Street will continue to deepen the "Smart Street" epidemic prevention system according to the system usage, realize data information such as intimate card, scanning health code, acquisition stroke code, vaccination, and access various sectoral epidemic platform data, Implementation of behavioral trajectory analysis of key crowds or abnormal personnel, enhance the efficiency and level of the basic precision prevention and control, promoting the intelligent, intelligent, exploration formation of normalized epidemic prevention and control of community community, can promote the intelligent epidemic prevention Models and experience, while continuous expanding, constructing a comprehensive and comprehensive "smart street area" construction system covering the safety emergency and market-oriented environment.

(Reporter fifth Yan Yan Wu He Kunhu Hui) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhu) Sharing let more people see.

Quanzhou Spring Port Area: "Three First Lines" guide party members to play a model role

Quanzhou Spring Port Area: "Three First Lines" guide party members to play a model role

Since this year, Fujian Quanzhou Spring Port Area has taken the project, the creation of the civilized city, and the epidemic prevention and control is the examination room."Hanging standard", feel "thousands of balance", consolidate "crimping stone", use the active effectiveness to answer, and temper the hard party cadres, let the party flags are highly fluttering in front.

The project is a difficulty of solving the problem. "We have not been forgotten by these difficulties.

"Sinong Town, Houlong Town, who solved the housing problem, was very happy. Old Chen’s original house is within the Zhuangang Petrochemical Security Zone, the house is not large, only twenty square meters is typical housing difficulties. Household.

Although the monetary compensation agreement has been signed, the house compensation is not enough to purchase a commodity house as a "five guaranteed" object. After understanding the difficulties of Lao Chen, the Field Working Group, the fifth area of ??the security area, helped him find a way, solve the problem, use the foot-escrunized policy, and provide a house living in Liushan resettlement, solve the use of water Electrical problem. Because of the use of "heart", the working group has a speed at which the work is more temperate. In January this year, Hutian Village became the first agreement in this district, shot, demolished "three clear zero" villages. Quangang District Innovation Party Construction Leading the Project Mechanism, Take a 40% Party Members and Cadres, nearly 1500 Care Forces Participate in the Enhancement, Setting up the Temporary Party Committee, Party Branch, Party Branch, and promotes the big relief with the big party. Let the party members and cadres take performance in the work of the relocation.

The district implemented the party members and cadres, "four bright four-sun" activities, established a weekly "one meeting, one coordination, one supervision, one information" coordination mechanism, "six packs" responsibility system, etc., forming party members governing the commando , The relocation of the attack, the three teams of the volunteer service team, carrying out the "one-point three-band promotion" pioneer action, the service guarantee the key difficulties of the relocation of the relocation. At present, the total investment of 35.5 billion yuan, the people who are involved in the counsel, have entered the tail to attack, and will fundamentally solve the contradiction of "factory village mixed" in the region, and protect the masses. At the same time, in terms of key project construction, the area is implemented by implementing the head of the leadership of the party members, and the project "one picture is a table", "Weekly coordination, monthly scheduling, season and small knots" Letter "and other mechanisms, let party members and cadres strive to be project service capabilities.

In the past five years, 226 key projects have been completed, with a total investment of 41 billion yuan, five years and four times to obtain "five a group of" forward incentives in Fujian Province. Civilization creates a first-line paste heart in Quanang District, the main road, the streets, which can meet the busy figure of party members. They wear red vests, went to the people to promote civilized concepts and behavioral norms; hand cleaning, garbage clamp, garbage bag into the back street alley, farmer’s market, squatting, cleaning weed, correcting stalls , Occupation and other phenomena; into the residential community, clean the garbage, check the charging line, listen to the heart of the owner. Civilized City creates a sense of happiness and feelings of the masses. Party organizations at all levels of the district and the majority of party members and cadres have been moving, engage in the creation of work, head arrays, as a pioneer, calculation rate, take the initiative to participate in party pioneers, party members, party members, party members volunteers The service team, in-depth hooks to the village (community), transportation intersection, new era civilization practice center (office), etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., to carry out activities such as health remediation, civilized persuasion, Chuangcheng publicity, and lead the masses to create civilization City, let the wind of civilization blow through each corner of Springport.

Since the establishment of the creation, Quangang has focused on playing the exemplary role of party members and cadres, to the party members "plus mission", "pressure burden", and distribute party members scientific into unit responsibility areas and import lines, 45 units, 1352 party members and cadres The formation of the Chuangcheng Chuangwei Tang team, hooks 101 villages (community), helping to solve the "dirty" "chaos" "break" highlighting problems.

Quan Hong Kong Innovation "Sany-color Dynamic Evaluation" system, divide the evaluation point of the area with "red, yellow, green", to meet the standard, with "a single letter" to list the pattern, work "work" Parning the pulse, carry out a full range of high-density supervision, promoting problems rapidly, closed-loop management, this year, 12,523 issues have been discovered, and 11548 have been changed.

"The traffic is smooth, the street is green, the road light is on, the community is beautiful … Chuangcheng gives us benefits, we must also offer a power for urban civilization." Today, participation in civilization creation has become more and more The actions of the masses are conscious.

The epidemic prevention and control first-line significantly "played the role of the town village party members and cadres, for some people’s inconvenient people and the elderly, arranged special vehicles, batch vaccination, so that the people are convenient, close, and inoculate the vaccination." Recently, the Sinong Dragon The town became the first township, the first title of "Building New Crown Virus Immune Barrier Demonstration Town. This honor is inseparable from the town party members and cadres to take the lead in serving as the people.

Since the development of self-inoculation, the town party members have taken the lead in vaccination, combined with the characteristics of more merchants, more merchants, through WeChat, radio, telephone, entering the house, etc., to the masses to issue a vaccination, explain the vaccination process and the masses. Popular vaccination taboos.

During the vaccination process, the service method of "on-site service, pre-diagnosis" and "point-to-point" is taken, and the peaks notify the inoculation of the masses, etc., let the masses feel the "temperature" of the inoculation service.

In addition, it is also necessary for the elderly "green channel", accompanied by the whole process, ensuring "no line". The epidemic prevention and control first-line, the party members and cadres of Quangang District promote vaccination work with the spirit of "hard bones, fight hard", and protect the lives and health of the masses with practical actions.

Up to now, there are 12 new crown vaccine inoculation points, 53 inoculation tables, and more than 8,000 doses of the average daily inoculation, have been completed by 10,000 people over the age of 18; the 15-17 people accumulated 10,162 people.

In order to promote the normalization of the epidemic prevention and control, the district relies on the epidemic prevention and control network of the horizontal, longitudinal to the end, through the "newspaper, net, end, micro-screen" to launch party members and cadres "epidemic" first line, establish 172 Head commanders, pioneers, service teams.

Innovation takes a timing investigation method, invitation supervision, closed-loop supervision, one-on-one tracking service, Baixian, thousands of doctors, hairdressing and other intelligent management, etc. (Guo Fei Fan Liu Zeyang Zhuang Yongfeng Wang Yifan) (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Zhang Zijian) Sharing let more people see client download.

Tianjin Grand Theater launches autumn and winter heavy pound series

Tianjin Grand Theater launches autumn and winter heavy pound series

Original title: Tianjin Grand Theater launches autumn and winter heavy performance series (Figure) shows the drama "four-life thaw" recently, Tianjin Grand Theater announced the 2021 autumn and winter heavy performance series, from September to the end of this year, there will be about 20 Drama, opera, musical, dance drama, music festival, art song concert and other different categories of high-level dramas (festival) were staged in Tianjin, including representatives of many famous families.

  2021 autumn and winter played series of drama performances. From November 12th to 14th, as a pioneer drama director Monteng Hui’s new force and the drama "Red and Black", "Red and Black" will be unveiled at Tianjin Grand Theater. The drama is starred by the actor Mei Ting, which reproduces the charm of the most prestigious literary masterpiece of Tongda in the form of drama. From December 30th to 31st, the "Amazing Dream" of the three songs of the stage will be staged. This is also a screenwriter, and the director Chen Pis will cooperate again after the "stage". The drama still uses the fate of traditional play as a story main line. The smart story setting tells the inheritance of Chinese traditional culture.

Shanghai Yue Theater will bring classic versatile "Dream" "Xixiang" in the 12th, on September 21st and 22nd.

  Broadway suspense thriller, "Death Trap" 10th Anniversary Edition will be staged on October 16th, 17th, which has been staged more than 1,800 games in the United States, and built a thrilling suspense drama in the history of Bailu. On October 22nd, on the 23rd, according to the classic works of the old classic work, the "four-life tuned" drama "IV" will return to Tianjin again. According to the drama of the same name TV drama, "the human right is the vicissitudes" will be on December 8th, 9th, by Yao Yuanmun play, Hu Zongqi, with nearly 4 hours of time, telling about the establishment of this section of the 1920s to New China The complex and moving process in the history of revolution.

  Music and concert performances are one of the highlights of this performance series. From November 5th to 6th, the Korean musical "perhaps a beautiful ending" Chinese version will be staged, and the play has a distinctive character in terms of story theme, narrative, music style, etc., telling a paragraph full of science fiction and warm "Robot Love".

According to the adaptation of Mark Temina, the Chinese version of the Four Seasonal Troupe Family Music Series "Prince and Jane" will be unveiled on December 12th to 13th, in the 16th century, London, London, telling two identities. Scroped children – I want to become a prince’s poor boy and a real prince’s identity interchange. From November 5th to 21st, the 3rd Tianjin Room Music Festival will be held in Tianjin Grand Theater. This year’s music festival has continued the quality of the previous two high-level high-level, Tianjin Grand Theater continued to join hands with Tianjin Julia College. Bring four wonderful chamber music concerts. On November 20th, the singer Zhao Cong will work with a number of excellent musicians, showing a plurality of instruments that combine a variety of instruments such as piano, string quartet. On December 11th, the pianist Chensa and the male high-profile singer stone relying on the Tianjin audience a Chinese art song concert, and the concert showed the early stage of Chinese composers in the early stage of art song creation, and putting Western techniques and Chinese music elements. Excellent works in combination. The audience who loves the dance will also usher in many good play. On November 26, the "wandering Nomadic" created by Youth Dancer Hu Shen will be staged, and the drama has been created by Hu Shenfu in the past ten years of drifting experience, and has added a large number of folk dance elements based on modern dance.

On December 19th, on the 20th, Yang Liping’s dance theater "10 side ambush" will meet with Tianjin audience. The drama consists of many art famous creation classes. With Yang Liping’s personalized dance and dance beauty language, "Ten-faces ambush" " The sad story of Ji ".

(Reporter Qi Zhipeng) (Editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.